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  • Final Fantasy
    • Kain from Final Fantasy IV spends the majority of the game fighting with his best friend Cecil over Cecil's lover, Rosa. He even maintains his affection for Rosa through his two Face-Heel Turns. Certain versions of the script up the ante by implying Barbariccia, the Archfiend of Wind, has a thing for Kain and is thereforejealous of Rosa.
    • Final Fantasy VII has Cloud, Aerith, and Tifa, arguably the most famous and hotly debated love triangle in video game history. Even twenty years since the game's release, there are some people who still argue about it in forgotten corners of the internet (the sequels and spinoffs largely resolved it by making Aerith and Zack an Official Couple Together in Death, and the fandom by and large resolved it by declaring Cloud/Tifa/Aerith the One True Threesome). The situation repeats in Final Fantasy VII Remake, albeit with new developments that both calm down and intensify the arguments around it.
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    • Subverted in Final Fantasy VIII. The game initially seems to be setting one up involving Squall, Rinoa, and Seifer, particularly when Rinoa thinks back to the time she spent with Seifer the previous summer and confesses that she thinks she might have been in love with him. However, by the time all three of them are brought together, Squall and Rinoa are beginning to grow close to one another while Seifer has fallen under the sorceress's influence, to the point that there's never any actual romantic conflict involving the three of them.
  • Played with in Skies of Arcadia. While Aika and Fina both show occasional feelings for Vyse, none of the three ever show any real desire to resolve the triangle.
  • Drakengard has an interesting Love Triangle between Furiae, Inuart and Caim that's only alluded to as being serious one or two times in the whole game. And the sequel repeats the trend by setting up another triangle between Nowe, Manah and Eris. In the end, it is Manah who gets the guy.
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  • There are several examples in Warcraft III: The Stormrage brothers, Malfurion and Illidan, with Tyrande Whisperwind. Winner? Malfurion. Then Frozen Throne has a new triangle: Arthas-Jaina-Kael. Who wins? Probably nobody, since Arthas has completely thrown away his soul and love to become Lich King, and as of World of Warcraft, Kael is just thinking to have a hot sex with Kil'Jaeden.
  • Dragon Quest V tries to have one of these, but the player will feel absolutely horrible if they go for the woman other than the one that's obviously supposed to wind up with him. Time to review the choices the Hero has:
    Flora: Hero has known her for a day. Cute and nice enough, though shy almost to the point of a hikikomori. Has a fiercely determined suitor already.
    Bianca: Obviously loves the Hero. Is cute and tomboyish. He's known her since childhood, when they exorcised a haunted castle together, hwe rescued her from being held captive, and got a Glowing Ball of Plot Significance, with a promise to meet again. The Hero's Pet Baby Wild Animal recognizes only her bow. Her mother died, and her father is in a bad way, but will recover from sheer joy if the Hero marries her. If not, she will be forced to become a mistreated barmaid.
    • But if the player marries Bianca, they'll still feel like a jerk since the lavish wedding Flora's father had planned for his daughter becomes the lavish wedding for a stranger instead. Oh, and the remake adds a third bride, Flora's older sister Deborah, and choosing her means dumping both Flora AND Bianca for a woman who just showed up.
    • The DS version does tone down the Bianca bias a bit, and removes the Diabolus ex Machina if she's not the chosen girl.
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  • One of the first missions you can get in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is to resolve a triangle between Camilla Valerius and her two suitors, Faendal the archer and Sven the skald. Dragonborn can also Take a Third Option and marry her themselves.
  • Fire Emblem
  • There's the Mario/Peach/Bowser triangle in Super Mario Bros., even becoming a major plot point in Super Paper Mario.
  • Geo/Luna/Sonia, Mega Man Star Force. In Star Force 3, depending on whose item you reclaim in the Stolen Items quest (Sonia's bag or Luna's handkerchief), one girl gets to hold hands with Geo while the other pigs out in an angry fit. If you pick Bud's shirt, both of them pig out.
  • Implied between Max, Grit and Nell in the first Advance Wars, before never being mentioned again. It was never one hundred per cent explained what happened, but Grit left Orange Star for Blue Moon to give Nell and Max the room they needed.
  • Inazuma Eleven starts with a triangle, but it becomes more of a love polygon as of the third game of the original trilogy.
    • Aki and Natsumi both like Endou, who remains oblivious to both of them, and while her relationship with Endou is stated to be platonic, Touko often enjoys to tease them by acting like his love interest. In the third game, Natsumi is Put on a Bus and Fuyuka takes her place in the triangle, until she returns and Endou has three girls to choose from by the end of the game.
    • Meanwhile, Ichinose is implied to like Aki, while having a very clingy admirer with an unambiguous crush on him named Rika whom he's not interested in.
    • The love polygon is solved in Inazuma Eleven GO, where Endou is married to, depending on the adaptation, either Natsumi (every adaptation except GO Dark) or Fuyuka (GO Dark) and Aki is implied to have a relationship with Ichinose.
    • In Ares no Tenbin, Anna believes there exists one. She likes Nosaka, but she sees him with Akane, whom she assumes to be his girlfriend (it's not clear if she's actually right). There's also Nishikage, who's pretty much Ambiguously Gay for Nosaka.
  • Kingdom Hearts has a bit of a Love Triangle between main protagonist Sora, his best friend and rival Riku, and their mutual love interest and childhood friend Kairi. It tones down considerably following the first game, probably because Riku knows how his two friends feel about each other and wants them to be happy.
  • In Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords, with a male Player Character one develops between the player and your two female companions Handmaiden and Visas Marr, while if playing as a female it's with Atton Rand and Disciple. With the Restored Content Mod, if the party is Dark Side Atton/Brianna will challenge Visas/Mical to a duel to the death over them.
  • Alicia and Princess Terria both like Waffle in Tail Concerto. Waffle seems to slightly favor Alicia by the end, but nothing is explicitly stated and he's apparently fond enough of Terria that Cyan has decided he's his rival for her affection.
  • One exists in Jade Empire, between Silk Fox, Dawn Star, and a male player. You can exacerbate it by expressing an interest in both of them, resolve it by expressing an interest in only one, or if you have a high enough Charm skill you can have them both.
  • Mass Effect:
    • The first game has either human love interest, Liara, and Shepard, assuming Shepard led both of the others on enough.
    • The second game introduces some potentially complicated ones, as Shepard can have expressed an attraction to as many as five characters (either gender) over the course of the story.
    • The third game can potentially feature one straight-up if Shepard pursued a romance in both the first and second game, given that the developers explicitly described the ensuing situation as a "Love Triangle." Given the possibility of NEW romance options in the third game, this could quickly get out of hand.
  • Dragon Age also comes to mind. Origins has Leliana vs. Morrigan if your character is male, female players have Alistair vs. Zevran, and Zevran and Leliana are bisexual so they're actually third options for the same-sex player. Having two interested in the player makes one of your romances confront the player at some point down the line to force you to dump one of the romances.
  • Dragon Age II doesn't appear to follow the same format as Origins. No one seems to care if the player pursues more than one romance. Not really surprising either since all romance options, excluding the chaste priest Sebastian, are bisexual. A Fenris/Hawke/Anders is the closest thing to being a love triangle. It's heavily implied that Anders has strong feelings for Hawke, even if he's turned down for someone else. Also Fenris continues to wear his alternate outfit (unlocked by romancing him) even if he's not the "endgame" romance and it's implied that he regrets running out. Fenris and Anders will have party banter about Hawke if she or he slept with Fenris and then with Anders after Fenris ran out after they spent the night together.
  • Neverwinter Nights: Hordes of the Underdark contains a severely underdeveloped one that might exist between Nathyrra, Aribeth, and a male player. It can potentially end in them accepting that you love them both. The sequel has a slightly better defined one (though Neeshka's romance plot was cut from the final game) between Neeshka, Elanee, and a male player and a rather obvious tension for female player's affections between Casavir and Bishop (whose romance plot fared slightly better than Neeshka's).
  • Vanguard Bandits as a few of these, with the Triangle being determined on which of the Multiple Branches the player decides to head unto.
  • There's an implied Triangle in Fallout 3 between Amata, the (male) Lone Wanderer and Sarah Lyons. The UST with Amata is fairly evident right from the beginning if you take the right conversation options while Lyons' only hint is a single line she drops at the end of Broken Steel where she expresses sorrow that if they would've met under different conditions, they might have "become... friends".
    • This being Fallout, you can screw it all up by damaging the Vault and forcing Amata outside, leading to her being interrogated and executed by an Enclave patrol as well as sending Lyons into Project Purity where she dies from radiation.
  • Fear Effect. Trailers for Fear Effect Inferno reveal that one would have developed between Hana, Rain, and Glas. Hana loves Rain very much, and she begins to show affection to Glas. Rain loves Hana very much, and she appears to want to have sex with Glas and maybe more than that. Glas begins to show affection to Hana, and he appears to be willing to have sex with Rain and maybe more than that. This would have been one complicated Love Triangle and how it would have been handled is not revealed. One trailer indicates that Rain and Deke have formed a relationship. Talk about complicated relationships!
  • Disgaea 4. Although it's never outright stated that Fenrich has a thing for Valvatorez, the game throws enough hints at you that it can be assumed he's in one of these with Vulcanus and Valvatorez. And when you consider his less that friendly relationship with Vulcanus, well...
  • In the Dating Sim Always Remember Me, there’s a point in the story where you’re forced to choose between the Amnesiac Lover and another love interest. Choosing the love interest means you can no longer interact with the Amnesiac Lover.
  • In Mia's route in Duel Savior Destiny a love triangle of sorts that Taiga never seems to realize pops up between him, Lily and Mia. Lily never really has a shot, but Mia's jealousy leads to her becoming more unstable. The jealousy is somewhat understandable: Right as he confesses his undying love for her Mia is quite able to smell Lily's smell on him after the pair spent the previous evening having despair induced sex over the apparent loss of Taiga's sister and Lily's mother.
  • The Legend of Zelda:
    • The series has a few of these in some games, such as Kafei/Anju/Cremia in Majora's Mask and Pipit/Cawlin/Karane in Skyward Sword. Note that other alleged examples are only a result of the fandom's shipping, so the "triangle" between Midna/Link/Zelda does not count.
    • In The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Link is involved in four of these. Among the Champions, there is Zora Champion and childhood friend Mipha and the princess of Hyrule Zelda who both harbor a crush on him. He also had another one going on between Mipha and another Zora childhood friend called Kodah. The third is between him and an unnamed Sheikah poet regarding Princess Zelda's affections. The final would exist post-game between Impa's granddaughter Paya and Princess Zelda, who again, both harbour feelings for him. Though, as Paya makes it clear in one of her diary entries that she would support Link and Zelda if they were to become a couple.
  • In Feel the Magic: XY/XX, you and another man are fighting over a girl. In The Rub Rabbits!, you're going after one girl, and another girl is going after you.
  • In Country Tales, the main character and the narrator are attracted to each other. Unfortunately for them, the narrator happens to be the mayor's fiancee.
  • Halo 5: Guardians surprisingly includes one. Between Chief, Cortana, and Warden Eternal. Warden obviously harbors similar feelings of devotion toward Cortana that Chief does, though Cortana only reciprocates the feeling with Chief, while her attitude toward Warden is more "Stop Helping Me!" than anything else. Master Chief is more focused on Cortana's new belief in tyrannical rule than romance.
  • In Valkyria Chronicles III, both Imca and Riela eventually fall in love with Kurt; the player gets to choose which one of them gets the guy.
  • Tales of the Abyss just after the one-tenth mark or so through the game gives the players Asch/Natalia/Luke, with Natalia being attracted to both Asch and Luke (Asch reciprocates, but his clone Luke simply can't like her that way). By the time Natalia has stopped being attracted to Luke (finally able to keep them separate in her memories and cheering on Luke's crush on Tear), there's hints she might be attracted to Nice Guy Guy as well as the emotionally distant Asch.
  • The Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) game guide states that Rouge may have feelings for both Knuckles and Shadow. What they think of her in terms of a crush is unknown, but Rouge does get along better with Shadow...
  • Tomodachi Life has scenes where one Mii confesses their romantic feelings to another. Occasioanlly, a third Mii may pop in, becoming a love rival for the Mii doing the confessing, or you might tell a lovestruck Mii to go after someone who's already taken, resulting in that same scenario. In rare instances, this can escalate to a Love Square. The Mii being confessed to will take several seconds to think before choosing one of them, leaving the others in a slump; if the Mii picking had a significant other and chose someone else anyway, that SO-turned-ex will be hit with Sadness status.
  • The sequel to Rival Schools, Project Justice, has one in the Teachers' Path since Hayato Nekketsu and Hideo Shimazu have feelings for their teammate Kyouko Minazuki. By the end of the path, Hayato has realized that Kyouko does love Hideo back, and decides to step aside.
  • In The Elder Scrolls series' primary Creation Myth, there are Anu and Padomay, "Twin brothers" who are the Anthropomorphic Personifications of the primordial forces of "stasis/order/light" and "change/chaos/darkness", respectively. Their interplay in the great "void" of pre-creation led to creation itself. Creation, sometimes anthropomorphized as the female entity "Nir", favored Anu, which angered Padomay. Padomay killed Nir and shattered the twelve worlds she gave birth to. Anu then wounded Padomay, presuming him dead. Anu salvaged the pieces of the twelve worlds to create one world: Nirn. Padomay returned and wounded Anu, seeking to destroy Nirn. Anu then pulled Padomay and himself outside of time, ending Padomay's threat to creation "forever".
  • Sly Cooper has two examples, both of which ended in disaster.
    • The first three chapters of Sly 2: Band Of Thieves has one, where Sly develops feelings for both Carmelita and Neyla, a pair of Interpol agents. Neyla appears to return the feelings to Sly, even going as far as to arrange a date together. But then she betrays Sly (and Murray) at the end of Chapter Three, ending the triangle. Sly eventually gets together with Carmelita at the end of the third game
    • A low-key one happens in Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves, where Sly, Bentley, and Murray end up the target of Penelope's affection. Sly is uninterested because of his own feelings towards Carmelita. Murray acts as a mentor to Penelope, but since he's Ambiguously Gay, he shows no romantic feelings towards her. Bentley is the only one who actually has feelings for Penelope, and even shares several interests with her; he wins her heart when they save each other from Captain LeFwee. But then Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time reveals that Penelope actually saw the Gang as a Meal Ticket to wealth and world domination; she's trying to control Bentley for her goals, and is planning to murder Sly and Murray for being in the way.
  • Each chapter of Phantasy Star III ends with a love triangle being resolved, though the characterization is so thin that you might not have known one existed. In each case, your male protagonist is proposed to by two women; his choice of bride can lead the plot in some curious directions, and the rejected choice is typically thrown out of the story (unless Ayn chooses to marry Thea; his son is able to meet with Sari, the reject, and learn some information from her).