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  • Brox's Kiss, the hot pink short sword in With Strings Attached, causes people of the opposite sex of the wielder to fall in love with and obey the wielder. Works perfectly — until the wielder loses control of the sword for more than a few minutes. Wisely, she runs off.
  • In the appropriate named Bleach slash fanfic Love Potion is all about type two attempted by Ichigo at Urahara's suggestion, which predictably goes wrong as the target doesn't eat the cookies...but everyone else does.
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  • According to Equestria: A History Revealed, this was used by Discord en masse to cause the downfall of the Equinus Republic, cumulating in a giant orgy from the ponies in parliament. It is meant to be taken as Squick and with as much questionable validity as it sounds.
  • Everybody Loves Cloud thanks to Hojo and a couple of accidents.
  • In Run Ichigo Run, Nemu is tasked by Mayuri to drug Ishida as revenge for attacking him and stalling an experiment, but a mistake results in Ichigo it getting hit instead. Since the drug was calibrated for Ishida, it has a different effect on Ichigo: every female he encounters falls in love with him, including lesbians and even his own sisters. Even Nemu is affected, despite the fact that she knows what's happening. As the title suggests, Ichigo spends most of the fic running to preserve his chastity while trying to find a way to remove the drug's effects.
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  • If Wishes Were Ponies: In chapter 74, Sweety Belle accidentally makes one of these (type 2) in potions class. The results are predictable.
  • Knowledge Is Power: The Weasleys had a plot, which was apparently two years in the making, to dose Harry and Hermione with one so that they'd fall for Ginny and Ron.
  • The Student Prince:
    • Lady Viva uses one on Arthur, as per the canon.
    • Arthur suspects Merlin of using a love spell on him after he finds out about Merlin being a wizard.
  • Rosario Vampire: Brightest Darkness Act IV: Chapter 17 reveals that Ruby kept the original sample of Yukari's love-struck potion for some reason. Falla, Apoch, and Astreal mistake it for perfume and use it, and Hilarity Ensues when Moka, Luna, Yukari, and Kokoa end up dosed with it as well.
  • Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality: Discussed by Professor Quirrell in regards to witches using them to enchant and rape Muggle men (some wizards also do the same thing to Muggle women). It also alludes to how Voldemort was conceived, something few know about. Quirrell has been possessed by him, however...
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  • The heroes use one against Black Riku in The Last Brony: Kingdom Hearts With a Black Sora. It doesn't actually have any magical properties at all however, and only works because Sora and the others convince Riku that it does.
  • Domoverse: An unintentional one, with repeated applications of Glitch's happiness spray.
  • Love Potion Madness is a The Loud House fic that involves Lana using such a potion intended for Lori and falling in love with Clyde, thus teaching the latter about age gaps.
  • In this crossover fanvid between Cinderella and Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas, Marina is in love with her friend Cinderella's husband. In her jealousy she pays someone to change reality so that Prince Charming loves her, not Cinderella. It's only a temporary change that quickly wears out. When Charming wakes up to Marina in his bed, he has her arrested and imprisoned.
  • Regaining Perpsective centers on Cupid (appropriately enough) getting a type 1 and 3 love potion which she uses on Oliver. However, she's cautioned that if he encounters someone he genuinely loves, the drug will amplify and focus those feelings, and override the focus on whoever he sees first. The plot is set in motion by him being drugged and then encountering Laurel. The fact that he did in fact see Cupid first is a plot point.
    • Interestingly, the morality of it is fully explored. Laurel stops things the moment she realizes he's been drugged, but is still ashamed and feels like she "took advantage". Oliver himself (once it wears off) and Roy express concern if he hurt her under the effects. Also a funny moment when Roy's glad Oliver didn't see him first:
    Roy: Well I dodged that bullet. No offense.
    Oliver: None taken.
    Felicity: Oh, that would’ve been funny. Assuming, you know, everything turned out fine.
  • In You'll Be Well Done!, for the Dissidia Final Fantasy fandom, one of these devices, of the Type 2 flavor (referred to specifically as a lust potion) is responsible for much of the plot. Kefka Palazzo steals this potion from Ultimecia and uses it to set Sephiroth on Terra Branford's trail, hoping to see a violent rape happen as a result. Sephiroth, however, realizes that it serves his plans better to inveigle Terra into some semblance of willingness to have sex with him, so he visits Ultimecia as she is brewing more of her lust potion in order to request a flask of the potion for his own use. (He deliberately leaves Ultimecia, and the audience, guessing whether he means for his intended seduction to sway Terra willingly back into serving the discord-god Chaos, or to see Terra remove Kefka from Chaos's ranks by killing him after the power-boost the resulting liaison ought to give her.)
  • Chat Noir in Under Love's Enchantment becomes the victim of a matchmaking akuma, which results in him becoming obsessed with Marinette.


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