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Love Hurts / Theatre

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  • Romeo and Juliet and every imitator. Entire dissertations could be written on how both would have lived longer, happier lives if Romeo had decided to stay in and mope, Juliet had told him she wanted at least three dates before considering marriage, or the friar's advice to Juliet had been to take up her father's offer of being kicked out of the house so she could run away with Romeo easily, rather than telling her to fake her death.
  • The Phantom of the Opera is based around this trope with a Stalker with a Crush and Mad Artist with a Compelling Voice and a Torture Cellar (who often becomes the Draco in Leather Pants) proving that Love Makes You Evil and Stalking Is Love in a Love Triangle with a Damsel in Distress and her childhood sweetheart. He chooses in the end to let his beloved be happy, giving us a Bittersweet Ending.
  • Cyrano de Bergerac centers around a Love Triangle between three perfectly honorable, admirable people who all like and respect each other, two rivals who try as hard as they can to make the girl happy instead of fighting over her, and the original Playing Cyrano plot that isn't revealed until death has taken too many members out of the picture for anyone to be happy.
  • A fact of life for Fiyero, Elphaba AND Glinda in Wicked (and Boq and Nessarose for that matter). Elphaba even comments on it during Defying Gravity 'Well if that's love/it comes at much too high a cost'
  • City of Angels:
    Stone: Whoever said 'Time heals all wounds' never knew anyone like Bobbi.
  • Next to Normal:
    The price of love is loss
    But still we pay.
  • Company: The entire point of the song "Being Alive" and it's a good thing, because otherwise you're not really living.
    Somebody hold me too close, somebody hurt me too deep
    Somebody sit in my chair and ruin my sleep
    And make me aware of being alive, being alive
    Somebody need me too much, somebody know me too well
    Somebody pull me up short, and put me through hell
    And give me support for being alive, make me alive!
    Make me confused, mock me with praise
    Let me be used, vary my days
    But alone is alone, not alive!
    Somebody crowd me with love, somebody force me to care
    Somebody let me come through, I'll always be there
    As frightened as you to help us survive being alive
    Being alive, being alive, being alive!