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  • Code Lyoko:
    • Let's see now... Ulrich loves Yumi, Yumi loves Ulrich, and despite their best efforts, they Cannot Spit It Out. In the meanwhile, Sissi loves Ulrich, and William loves Yumi. Ulrich flat-out hates Sissi, while Yumi is friends with William, but not quite that friendly. Johnny loves Yumi, but he's barely a threat. Hervé loves Sissi, but he's ugly. Théo loves Sissi, but he's a one-episode character. It's mentioned several times that "guys flip over" Sissi (though we never actually see many doing so) and it's implied that Ulrich is popular with the ladies in general. Meanwhile, Odd's dated nearly every girl in the school (and several outside, such as Sam and Brynja), and has a few ship-fueling UST moments with Sissi. Jérémie and Aelita emerge surprisingly unscathed, unless you count Odd's platonic flirtation with the latter.
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    • The teachers! Jim liked Yolande after her XANA-created clone kissed him, but it turns out she's engaged. Then Jim and Ms. Hertz have some tense moments, but Hertz is dating some guy named Pedro. And we don't even want to know where Jean-Pierre factors in. In the DS video game, it had been stated at one point that Jim was in love with Nicole Weber, Jean-Pierre's secretary.
    • Milly, who has a big crush on Ulrich in Season 1, and gains herself a suitor in Season 4 with Hiroki, Yumi's younger brother.
  • Danny Phantom himself has been in a love rectangle, or even pentagon, if you consider secret identity separation. Sam and Valerie both love Danny, who has his eye on Paulina for the first couple seasons, who in turn idolizes the ghost boy, who is actually Danny. (Valerie, for added confusion, hates the ghost boy.) And that's not taking into account Kitty's jealousy ploy with him. Danny himself at one point even uses the phrase "love rectangle".
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  • Archer is in a love triangle with Lana and Cyril, as he and Lana have feelings for each other. He's also crushing on his ex-fiance, who may like him back despite dating Barry. Adding to that, Archer and Pam are Friends with Benefits, and Pam had a crush on Lana that culminated with them sleeping together. This is after Cyril had a long-standing affair with Cheryl, who slept with Archer several times, and briefly dated Krieger.
  • The Fairly OddParents!: Timmy Turner is also in one of these. He is love with Cindy Vortex and Trixie Tang. Also Tootie, Veronica Star and Vicky (when he wished that he was older) are/were in love with him. There are also hints of him having a relationship with Molly. On one of the days of FLARG, he started up a relationship with a girl named Carly that resulted in tattoos (his was a washable one). Carly was an older woman.
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  • The one in Phineas and Ferb has largely grown out of the Rule of Funny. Candace likes Jeremy, who likes her back, but she also liked an English boy at one point... who looked like Jeremy. Buford has a crush on Candace, but also had an interest in Brigitte, and later in Gretchen. Albert also appears to have a crush on Candace, and Vanessa once flirted with Jeremy, but quickly lost interest. Vanessa once dated Johnny, but then they broke up, but it turns out Johnny isn't over Vanessa. Vanessa picked up an interest in Monty Monogram, and they started dating. Ferb has a crush on Vanessa, but also briefly flirted with Isabella (although that may have been a joke?). Isabella likes Phineas, who is completely oblivious. Baljeet once was hinted to have a crush on Isabella, but also showed interest in Mishti, Wendy Stinglehopper, and Ginger, the last of which liked him before he did.
  • On The Spectacular Spider-Man, the dynamics of the Midtown High group are enormously complicated, but succinctly: Gwen Stacy and Liz Allen both like Peter Parker; Peter likes Gwen and Liz and also Mary Jane Watson; Mary Jane flirts with Flash Thompson but comes to really like Mark Allen, Liz's brother; Liz has lingering feelings for ex-boyfriend Flash, who finds MJ attractive but then focuses on Sha Shan; Gwen dates Harry Osborn, who previously dated Glory Grant, who left him (somewhat inexplicably) for Kenny Kong, and I'm sure there are others in there.
  • Spider-Man: The Animated Series also had one — For a while, Mary Jane and Felicia were both chasing Peter, Felicia doing so despite the fact that she was dating Flash at the time and also dated Jason Macandale (AKA Hobgoblin) for a while. Also, Harry had an unrequited crush on MJ, which later drove him to become the Green Goblin. Eventually, however, it worked itself out — Felicia ended up with Morbius, Flash somehow ended up with Debra, and Peter got MJ.
  • Gargoyles example: Goliath and Elisa are the main couple. However, Goliath had a previous relationship with Demona, a coupling which produced a daughter, Angela. Demona later tricked Macbeth into marrying her while she was really in a relationship with Thailog, Goliath's clone, but Thailog left her for Delilah, a "clone" he made using genetic material from both Elisa and Demona. Delilah later was pursued by both Goliath (as a rebound deal) and Brooklyn, but has apparently chosen Brooklyn's clone Malibu. Brooklyn, on the other hand, has also unsuccessfully pursued Maggie the Cat, who is in a relationship with fellow mutate Talon (Elisa's brother); and Angela, who was also pursued by Lexington and Broadway before beginning a relationship with the latter. Elisa has also showed interest in Jason Canmore and (as a rebound deal) Morgan Morgan.
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender has this in spades. Where to start...
    • Aang. He's both The Hero and alphabetically the first character. Aang early on develops affections for one of the other core three characters, Katara. Katara later develops feelings for Aang as well and eventually chooses him. Aang is also the target of a strong crush by Meng, the assistant to the fortune teller Aunt Wu. Also, nearly all of the young girls on Kyoshi island are Aang fangirls, attempting to win his affections.
    • Katara has strong feelings for Aang, but it takes her time to sort out exactly how she feels about him. She also develops an off again on again, sometimes hostile feelings with the freedom fighter Jet. She also, at one point, opens up her heart to angsty Zuko, and considers using the Plot Coupon magic water on him. Some interpretations of the show also hold that her feelings towards Haru the earthbender are romantic.
    • Sokka first becomes romantically attached to Suki, one of the warriors of Kyoshi island, who opens his eyes to the fact that a person can be both a girl, and a warrior. Later on, after they have separated for a time, Sokka develops a strong attachment to Princess Yue, the princess of the Northern Water Tribe. They go on several dates before, as Sokka puts it "My first girlfriend turned into the moon."note  After leaving the north pole, they pick up the fourth member of their four kid band, the earth bending master Toph Bei Fong. She eventually develops a one-sided affection for Sokka. Acrobatics and pressure points master Ty Lee definitely thinks that Sokka is cute, and is quite flirtatious with him, even in the middle of combat. At several points in the series Sokka returns at least some measure of the flirting. Suki later joins the group on a more permanent basis, and the two get together. Then there's the way he treats his boomerang...
    • Prince Zuko is in love with with Mai, the daughter of a bureaucratic noble family, and member of Azula's three girl band. In one episode Zuko also becomes involved with Jin, a girl from the earth kingdom city of Ba Sing Se.
    • In the simplest terms possible - the Avatar fandom has paired everyone with everyone else at some point or another. So, naturally, all the above mentioned dodecahedrons and then some tend to show up.
  • Sequel Series The Legend of Korra has one between Big Fun Bolin who likes The Hero Korra at first sight, Korra, who likes Bolin's Tall, Dark, and Snarky older brother Mako, and Mako, who fell hard for and is dating, Uptown Girl Asami but also discovers he himself has some feelings for Korra. The first three comprise a pro-bending team, which Asami, as a pro-bending Fangirl and Mako's girlfriend, has talked her wealthy father into sponsoring in the local Tournament. Not surprisingly, the quadrangle causes both personal and professional trouble when one party decides to make a move on another, and is witnessed by a third, who is devastated.
    • And now Meelo has entered the picture with a crush on Asami as well.
    • This appears to have been resolved by the end of Book One, with Mako and Korra falling in love, Bolin getting over his crush, and Mako and Asami breaking up. Bolin and Asami voice actors PJ Byrne and Seychelle Gabriel even jokingly complained to creators Mike and Bryan about being cut out of the dodecahedron in a Comic Con interview.
    • As of Season 3, neither Korra nor Asami is with Mako. Both girls are now better friends who bond over their shared crush and Mako's awkwardness around them both until episode 3 or 4 of the new season, when they confront him, and he admits he's trying to figure out how to act around them in a Just Friends way. Bolin has a new girlfriend named Opal, who is one of the new Air Benders who has left to study under Tenzin. Whose eldest daughter Jinora has her own new love interest, Kai. Tenzin is none to happy about this by the way ...
    • Season 4 fully resolves the entire situation. With Asami and Korra as the endgame Official Couple.
  • Jimmy from The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron has his original love interest, Betty Quinlin, who seemed to have an "aw, he's cute, but it'll never happen" attitude toward him. There's Cindy. He falls for a pretty girl at the rodeo (along with Sheen and Carl, who battle with him for her affections). In "Win Lose Kaboom", he gets in a brief relationship with a Green-Skinned Space Babe named April, much to his main love interest's dismay.
  • Hey Arnold!. Let's see, Brainy likes Helga, who likes Arnold, who likes Ruth. Later, Arnold likes Lila, who doesn't like like him back but does like like his cousin Arnie, who has a girlfriend Lulu who likes Arnold who likes Hilda who likes Arnie and... ugh! Lulu and Hilda were All Just a Dream. Which makes this both more and less confusing.
  • Iron Man: Armored Adventures is a complicated case of this. Pepper has a crush on Gene and Tony with hints that she may feel something for Rhodey. Whitney has feelings for both Tony and Rhodey. Tony has an almost romantic life long friendship with Rhodey, clearly cares about both Whitney and Pepper very much, fanboys Gene Khan almost constantly until the end of season one, and yet Tony will also flirt with anything that moves. Gene is obsessed with Tony and may or may not have feelings for Pepper. Rhodey is Tony's most trusted and reliable friend (who he lives with) and has a crush on Whitney, though his feelings towards Pepper are mostly platonic. Mostly.
  • Total Drama World Tour develops a lot of this by the end. Originally, Gwen was with Trent. Trent's friend Cody also liked her, but decided to help them hook up instead. Eventually Gwen and Trent broke up, though, partially because Trent thought that Gwen had an attraction to Duncan, who was dating Courtney. Then in season three Cody wants another shot with Gwen, but instead she does hook up with Duncan, leaving a heartbroken Courtney to begin crushing on Alejandro, who has a Slap-Slap-Kiss / Will They or Won't They? romance with Heather even as he manipulates Bridgette (who's with Geoff), Leshawna (who's off-and-on with Harold) and to a smaller extent Lindsay (who's off-and-on with Tyler). Cody also picks up a Stalker with a Crush in Sierra, and for added fun we get some random Ship Tease of Noah/Bridgette and an Operation: Jealousy where Courtney pretends to be crushing on Tyler.
    • Shockingly, this makes Izzy / Owen the most stable couple on the show. (Incidentally, they broke up that season with significantly less drama, due to one of Izzy's Split Personalities. They might be back together.)
  • Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers with its many one-shot characters: Both Chip and Dale have the hots for Gadget who in turn seems to be interested in Sparky ("Does Pavlov Ring a Bell?"). Then there is Foxglove ("Good Times, Bat Times") who is in love with Dale, Tammy ("Adventures in Squirrelsitting") who has a mad teenage crush on Chip, and Rat Capone ("The S.S. Drainpipe") who wanted Gadget to be his moll. Not that Monty and Zipper don't have their own respective Love Triangles.
  • On Young Justice, Wally likes M'gann who likes Superboy. Artemis also likes Superboy. However, it soon becomes clear that both Wally and Artemis actually like each other, but won't admit it. Meanwhile Wally also flirts with any other woman he meets, Artemis has a bit of Ship Tease with her old friend Icicle Jr., and fans interpret both of them as having sexual tension with Robin, who likes Zatanna. Zatanna likes him back, but so does Barbara Gordon, who appears to be jealous when she sees him with Artemis. Then Icicle Jr. starts flirting with M'gann while she's disguised as Shimmer.
  • The "Mayhem of the Music Meister!" episode of Batman: The Brave and the Bold features one of these. Green Arrow and The Music Meister both have their eyes on Black Canary. Black Canary is all about Batman. Batman loves fighting crime. (Well, and Catwoman, but she wasn't in that episode.) Thankfully, Green Arrow and Black Canary, the most sane of these people, get together in the end.
  • In Superjail!, the Warden has an unrequited crush on Alice, who is an Abhorrent Admirer to an inmate she likes to call "Sweetcheeks". Meanwhile, Warden shares Belligerent Sexual Tension with the Mistress, who dated Lord Stingray for a while before breaking up with him and then slept with Alice at the end of the season 3 premiere. And don't even get us started on how Warden gravitates toward the Hunter. Lord Stingray himself is the target of Warden's obsession and had a wife Mistress Kilda who had a boyfriend Columbo. (Eventually, Alice killed off Mistress Kilda during the three-way battle against Lord Stingray's troops and those led by General Stars 'n Stripes.)
  • Surprisingly, South Park has this. Stan likes Wendy, who likes him (At first) but also seems interested in Gregory and (for one episode) Cartman, who says he has a crush on a girl named Patty Nelson. Wendy goes on to date Token, who later dates Nichole, who likes Kyle, who earlier on had liked a girl named Rebecca and was the object of a crush from Bebe, who left him for Clyde, who later dates Lisa, who liked Butters, who had earlier dated a girl named Lexus. Not to mention all the Ho Yay between Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Butters.
    • In season 19 Butters starts dating Charlotte, in season 20 most of these relationships break up and Cartman starts dating Heidi, in season 21 Heidi briefly leaves Cartman for Kyle then gets back together with him then breaks up with him for good in the season finale. At this time Token and Nichole and Stan and Wendy seem to be back together.
  • Detentionaire has a few tangled webs of relationships, which is pretty typical for a High School Dramedy. The introduction of a Mind-Control Conspiracy in Season 2, brainwashing several students into asking out unusual date choices, only served to make the whole mess even more confusing.
  • Miraculous Ladybug:
    • The series starts off with a Two-Person Love Square, primarily fueled by Paper-Thin Disguise. Marinette has a crush on Adrien, but he's got a crush on Ladybug. Meanwhile Cat Noir has a Crush on Ladybug, but she rebuffs his affection because she likes Adrien. The joke is Marinette and Adrien are Ladybug and Cat Noir respectively. It gets bigger when you factor in Chloe and Lila's interest in Adrien, Kim's inexplicable crush on Chloe, Nathanael and Nino's crushes on Marinette, Nino's subsequent relationship with Alya, and Theo's infatuation with Ladybug.
    • The dodecahedron expands in season two, with Marinette and Adrien developing interest in Luka and Kagami respectively, Kim's friend Ondine revealing her feelings for him, and Nathanael possibly becoming involved with Marc. And on top of all that, Adrien and Ladybug show signs of returning Marinette and Chat Noir's respective crushes.
  • Star vs. the Forces of Evil begins with Marco in love with Jackie. Star helps him slowly grow the courage to reveal his affection to Jackie. Star herself has a small crush on Oscar. Nice and tidy...then season two happens. Before she knows it, Star finds herself falling in love with Marco, just as Marco and Jackie become a couple. Meanwhile, Star's ex-boyfriend Tom is still in love with her, but eventually steps aside upon becoming friends with Marco and believing that they were going to start dating after her crush on him was revealed to everyone during a concert. Come the third season, this doesn't last, as when Star returns to Mewni and reveals that she and Marco stayed friends, the seeds are planted for them to start dating again a few episodes later. At the same time, back on Earth, Jackie breaks up with Marco, realizing before Marco does that he is in love with Star. Marco then starts living in Mewni and learns that Star and Tom again, which isn't a problem until Marco finally realizes that he's in love with Star when helping his friend Kelly break-up with her boyfriend Tad. Oh, and Kelly is beginning to gain feelings for him as a result of him helping her get over Tad. As a side note, Janna constantly flirts with Marco, but whether she's actually into him or it's purely just to annoy him is up to debate. Hekapoo also flirts with Marco, but may have a superficial crush on Raventalon. Yeah, it's complicated.
  • The Legend of Prince Valiant has Rowanne in love with Prince Valiant, Valiant's companion Arn and Prince Michael in love with Rowanne, and Valiant falling for Princess Aleta. Towards the end, Valiant and Aleta remain together while Rowanne chooses staying in Camelot over marrying Michael, and it's implied that she and Arn might be together later.


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