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Loophole Abuse / Radio

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  • Our Miss Brooks: Department Store Contest: An unusual case of accidental loophole abuse. Miss Brooks wins a prize when a childhood letter to Santa Claus is accidentally entered in a children's contest at Sherry's Department. As she wrote the letter when she was a child, she was able to walk away with the prize and avoid trouble.
  • Exhaustively practiced by Douglas Richardson of Cabin Pressure. For example, regulations require fuel samples to be taken prior to departure to check for water. Regulations do not specify that Douglas cannot put the samples into his car's petrol tank afterward.
  • In the non-fiction show Tim Fitzhigham: The Gambler, Tim Fitzhigham seeks out old wagers and attempts to re-create them using only technology available at the time of the original bet. A couple of them involve this:
    • One gentleman bet that he could travel across water at 25mph. This was before motorboats and the like... but ain't no rule says the water can't be frozen - as snow on a steep mountainside, say.
    • Another episode involved a bet that one person could travel from London to Dover (about 80 miles) and back before another person could draw one million dots. But ain't no rule says the dots have to be made one at a time. You could, for instance, stick 105 pens together...
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