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Attack on Titan

  • In My Child, Levi makes a Deal with the Devil to save his son from dying in childbirth and give him supernatural protection. At the end of the fic, the demon he made the deal with (who has taken quite the interest in Levi) remarks that Levi's son resembles him so much, that he'll have to pay him a visit sometime. Levi yells that his deal means the child is protected, but the demon says that he conveniently forgot to mention that the deal did not specify protection from him, and so he is free to make a bid for the child's soul whenever he pleases.


  • In Loxare Hinder, Red Hood is extremely hostile towards his former mentor Batman and associates, outright threatening to kill them if they ever try to see him. When Stephanie Brown goes to visit him, she cheerfully points he only mentioned Batman, Nightwing and Robin as targets, which means Spoiler is exempt of the penalty. And even if he wanted to hold her tenure as Robin against her, Steph isn't Robin right now, so there.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

  • In Choose Your Own Awards Xander is offered a set of superpowers but the stronger the powers, the further away from Sunnydale he's sent. Xander chooses the ability to enhance others, while getting almost no power himself to stay in Sunnydale, which the being empowering him lampshades as staying true to the letter while violating the hell out of the spirit. It's taken even further when Xander uses his ability to enhance people to enhance his own power.
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  • Xander is told in Marked that he can't be allowed to save Kendra's life as having three Slayers would tip the balance enough that the resulting correction would bring about The End of the World as We Know It. Xander suggests simply having the Slayer spirit move on the moment Kendra would have died so she can live without bringing about the apocalypse.

Calvin and Hobbes


  • In Alliance of Amazons and Izuku, the villain's quirk multiplies any positive feelings anyone of the opposite gender has for him by ten, which he plans to use by creating both a criminal empire and a harem of superheroines. When he activates his quirk to take control of some superheroines that he recently kidnapped, they turn out to be immune because, as Midoriya states, they have Zero positive feelings for the guy, and well, anyone with basic math skills knows that anything multiplied by zero is still zero (it also probably didn't help that he bragged about the kinds of NSFW things he would do to them once they were under his control).
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  • In the Mass Effect/Command & Conquer crossover Renegade, the Brotherhood of Nod, once GDI's enemy, is allowed to exist openly, but they're forced to obey a treaty that limits their military capabilities to only small defense fleets. Midway through the story, the Brotherhood reveals the Temple Prime, a colossal construct larger than any dreadnought that any navy can field... but since the Temple is classified as a space station under the definitions and rules of the treaty, it's not considered a violation.
  • Averted in Dungeon Keeper Ami: the conditions of a Magically Binding Contract between the protagonist and a major antagonist is a single vague sentence. This is precisely to sidestep Loophole Abuse via Exact Words by having both sides being bound only by the intent of the agreement.
  • The Infinite Loops normally prevent any looper from having children they would not normally have, because they'd vanish with the reset and traumatize the looper parent. But Nyx is technically Nightmare Moon, and it is entirely possible to have people loop from variants.
  • In Last Second Savior Harry and Aayla Secura have a Time Turner with just enough sand to send both of them back nine hours once. Harry warns Aayla that they absolutely can't change anything they know for a fact happened (like try to prevent Barriss Offee's death). However since they don't know for a fact who else died, they can send a warning to the Jedi Temple and have it forwarded to every Jedi except Aayla and Barriss.
  • In the Jackie Chan Adventures and Teen Titans crossover fanfiction A Shadow of the Titans, Jade does this in a Cutting the Knot type situation. Basically the Drill Sergeant Nasty gym teacher for the HIVE (an overweight and balding villain with No Indoor Voice called Captain Hollywood) wanted her to run a dangerous obstacle course and ring a bell at the end. Jade asks again to make sure that the goal is to ring the bell, and then the timer starts, prompting Jade to turn around, since the course was circular. The school considered it valid, but Hollywood still sent her to detention, since the HIVE is a villain school and you don't need to break the rules to get punished.
  • At least two instances Origins, a Mass Effect/Star Wars/Borderlands/Halo.
    • While Garrus uses the Jack Bauer Interrogation Technique on a subject, Samara is obligated to step in as torture goes against the Justicar Code...except if the target is definitely going to be sentenced to death. Since that sentence is certain (according to Garrus), Samara does nothing.
    • On a larger scale, the creation of Sarah, the Force-sensitive Siren was a gigantic abuse of loopholes/abuse of Exact Words. A faction of Eridians, also known as Forerunners, disliked the notion of constantly having to "tend the gardens" of lesser races as commanded by the Mantle of Responsibility. They thus secretly created the Selfless Servant of the Mantle—Sarah—to carry out this duty for them. Whether the Mantle could in fact be so outsourced became a source of religious conflict, and whether such outsourcing permitted wholesale slaughter became an even bigger issue. Sarah herself didn't believe so, as her first inclination after waking with orders to uphold the Mantle was to try to kill those who created her for unjustified meddling with life and attempting to duck their duties.
  • In Seeing, Believing, Dreaming, Deceiving it's mentioned that demons lords are bound by ancient laws so that they have to warn each other before they attack their fellow lords. So right before Tom Riddle sics The Dreaded Gerald Tarrant on a group of traitorous demons his remaining demonic ally warns them in such a way that they don't believe a word he says.
    Gerald Tarrant: They took the bait?
    Karril: Hook, line, and sinker. Rassilos said - and I quote - you think we'll believe that Gerald Tarrant, the Darkest Prince of Hell, cares what we get up to?'. He thinks I was only fear-mongering. That covers the requirements of forewarning, though, so you're free to slaughter them at will.
    Tom Riddle: You circumvented the Demonic Code? You're good, Lord Tarrant, very good indeed.
  • In Uzumaki Harry the Four Tri-Wizard Champions point out no one said they had to compete against each other, the official rules say only to participate, as well as the fact that the tournament was originally formed to forge bonds between schools—so they are totally justified in working together.
  • In Crush, Power Girl gets around a law prohibiting nude sunbathing (specifically that a g-string is the minimum she can wear while sunbathing and still be legal) by wearing a G-string off a guitar.
  • In the Danny Phantom/Beetlejuice fanfiction, Say It Thrice, Aunt Melinda sets it up so that Betelgeuse can't view Lydia through mirrors. But that doesn't stop him from seeing everything around her.
  • In Avenger of Steel, when Clark (and Jessica) break up an attempt to artificially create mutants, after they report it to SHIELD, Clark is able to submit a story on the incident (omitting his own part in the break-out) despite signing a non-disclosure form, as he wrote and submitted the story before signing said form, which only covers who he talks to about these events after signing. While he tricked them, agents such as Barton and Hill are only officially angered about it as Clark’s story exposed most of the names they could arrest for their role in the project and he was motivated by a genuine desire to do the right thing.
  • In The Search for Victory, in order to help 'protect' Daniel Jackson for revealing the Stargate program to the Avengers, Cassie decides to reveal the program's existence to the press because she reasons that she never actually signed an NDA and therefore won’t get in legal trouble for her actions.
  • Jenny Calendar is initially reluctant to relocate herself and her clan (she and not Xander got empowered by the Primal Hyena) in Stone in Love as she has a duty to keep watch over Angel. However, Giles points out that if they can convince Angel to leave Sunnydale, she'd be duty-bound to follow him.
  • In A.F.E.W. the most powerful Elementals declare that anyone who tries to invoke their power against their children (Willow, Cordelia, Xander, and Buffy) will have to perform the rites exactly perfectly or they'll use the minor wiggle room to obliterate the summoner. While they do have to answer any calls on their power, they can choose how exactly the rites have to be followed.
  • One of the rules for Hild forming a contract with a mortal in Hell Is a Martial Artist is that she has to work through agents unless approached first and even then must declare both her identity and intentions for the contract to be valid. Nabiki Tendo, thinking Hild to be another fiance, offers to keep the other fiances off her back for a fee. After they agree on price, Hild says that she's the Daimakaicho and that Nabiki's soul is forfeit should she fail to uphold her bargain but does so in an overly dramatic way so she won't be believed.
  • Titania Falls: After marrying Erza, Jellal changes his last name to Pines so that way he can't be legally extradited to Earthland. After all, the arrest warrant is for Jellal Fernandes, not Jellal Pines. That being said, it's still not safe for him to go to Earthland without his Mystogan disguise.
  • In Aloha, Xander convinces Jumba to leave Stitch with Lilo by pointing out that he wants Stitch somewhere he won't cause problems for his government. On Earth, he'll be Earth's problem rather than theirs.
  • Shirou in Fate Game Night has a Crippling Overspecialization regarding magic in the form of swords. Anything relating to swords earns him ten times as much experience as normal (he becomes better than his dojo's kendo instructor in a single afternoon) but experience gains in any magic that isn't related to swords suffers a 90% penalty. Shirou naturally abuses this endlessly by finding a way to make other magic sword related, such as making small barriers that cover a sword shaped area.
  • Defied in Lex Marks the Spot when Lex Luthor (who's been given Xander Harris's memories and morality) agrees to answer any questions written on a list but insists the questions only be those on the list in its current form. Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman can't add to the list, use invisible ink so a question he can't see is on it, or use various words on the sheet to make a new question.
  • Hagrid is allowed to keep Talon in Raptor once the Ministry makes sure she's not a dragon. She's a velociraptor, but all they care about is that she's not a banned magical animal.
  • In Tara Sheppard, after the SGC learn that they can’t recruit Buffy due to an old deal with the Watchers’ Council, they find a way around this by officially offering support to Tara; as a result, they can give Buffy support if she needs it, as technically such aid is being provided because she lives with Tara, who is a close relative of a high-ranking member of a top-secret government program, rather than because Buffy is the Slayer.
  • In Neither a Bird nor a Plane, it's Deku!, All Might struggles to fight the Ultra-Humanite due to the latter's Quirk, which greatly reduces the physical prowess of all humans within 100 meters of him. But Izuku is Kryptonian, letting him fight at full strength.
  • A few supernatural variants of this are used to the heroes’ benefit in the Demented Verse;
    • In the final confrontation with Metatron, Sam and Harry are able to infiltrate Heaven by contacting Tessa so that she can take them to Heaven through Harry’s ‘door’ to Heaven after his temporary death, as that door is still ‘valid’ even if Heaven itself is on lockdown. Later, Harry is able to hide from other angels in Heaven by essentially walking in Castiel’s ‘shadow’; as Castiel is the only entity within his body after Jimmy Novak’s ‘death’, by staying close to Castiel Harry can fool casual observers in Heaven into assuming that he is the soul of Castiel’s Vessel.
    • Part of the spell used to save Dean from the Mark relied on the same act of sacrifice Lily used to save Harry; while the Winchesters aren’t permanently dead, they have died for each other often enough that it qualifies even if they always came back.
  • Defied in the Infinity Crisis fic Taking Flight (And Fights), as She-Hulk stops the fight between the Avengers, the X-Men and Alpha Flight by pointing out all the laws Alpha Flight are breaking by coming to America to try and force Wolverine back onto their team.
  • ‘’If Wishes Were Ponies’’:
    • Equestria is located on an alien planet (thus it’s not nor have ever been a member state of the International Confederation of Wizards], so they have never had the chance to sign on to the International Statute of Wizarding Secrecy. As a result, the Ministry of Magic is unable to accuse them of breaking the Statute of Secrecy when Equestria makes First Contact with the Muggle United Kingdom as the law simply doesn't account for such a scenario.
    • The British muggle government locate Hogwarts this way. They simply use seismometers to locate the disturbance caused by Luna's fight with the basilisk in the Chamber of Secrets and take photos of the place using ultra high altitude spy planes and satellites well out of range of those charms, as the charms were created well before muggles had the capability and technology to do so.

Death Note

  • Many Death Note fics will circumvent the first rule of the Death Note "the human whose name is written in this notebook shall die" by revealing that a character isn't actually human but a Shinigami or a vampire or a werewolf or an alien or whatever.
  • In Constant Temptation Kira can't kill Beyond Birthday because he doesn't know Beyond's true face. In fact B has been L's copy for so long that no one remembers what Beyond actually looks like.
  • In Desideratum L is immune to the Death Note because he doesn't have a real name.
  • In Haunted Light figures out that Rem can't carry out her threat to kill him if he kills Misa because Ryuk has to be the one to write his name when he dies; so Light kills Misa anyway and there's nothing Rem can do about it. This loophole is actually canon-it's Rule 34note  of the Death Note: "1. The owner of the Death Note cannot be killed by a god of death who is living in the world of the gods of death. 2. Also, a god of death who comes to the human world, in the objective to kill the owner of the Death Note, will not be able to do so. 3. Only a god of death that has passed on their Death Note to a human is able to kill the owner of the Death Note."
  • In The Killer In You Rem is able to get around the restriction that Shinigami aren't supposed to help humans by giving them the names of people they want to kill by giving Light the names in 1337 lingo that she apparently learned from watching Misa chat. Because she writes it as "'Ryuzaki: L L a 2u l i e t, 2uatari: Q u i l l s h 2u a m m y" she didn't technically give the name.
  • Ryuk pulls this in MoonLight after Light is bitten by a werewolf—since only humans can be killed by the notebook then only humans are allowed to own a notebook. So Ryuk has Light declared a non-human and abruptly takes back the notebook, erasing his Kira memories.
  • From the AU of Ragnarok after learning that Light is secretly the legendary hacker known as "Kira" (that the NPA pays a lucrative bonus for his consultation) L complains when Light again hires "Kira" to aid in his investigation. Light has this to say for himself:
    Light: Technically, Kira is Matsuda's source, not mine. I have never stated that I was not, in fact, Kira. Technicality is the soul of the law.


  • In the Discworld Tarot chapter The Ace of Swords (author - A.A. Pessimal), Miss Alice Band is able to tame a rogue unicorn where others have failed, despite being sexually experienced. The reason Alice gets away with it is because her sexual experience is only with other women. She still technically qualifies as a maiden, unsullied by contact with men, and therefore meeting the specification for unicorn-wrangling - because she has never had contact with men. It is possible that while the unicorn was trying to make its mind up as to whether she qualified, she got a silver-ornamented bridle over its head and settled the question definitively.

The Familiar of Zero

  • When Saito and Louise enter into a Master/Apprentice Contract in Zero no Tsukaima: Saito the Onmyoji, one of the punishments required for the contract to be legal (and thus any use at all to them) is the Deflowering Punishment. However, there's no laws specifying the infraction required to warrant said punishment beyond it has to be something possible for Louise to do. So the two of them set the infraction to the rather improbable "Casting ten explosions at Saito with malicious intent within five minutes followed by hitting him three times with a riding crop or whip".
    • Later Saito points out that since there hasn't been a human Familiar since the laws regarding Familiars was written, there's several loopholes regarding his situation. For example, bedding Louise's personal maid would hardly be considered improper should it ever occur.


  • In Never Had A Friend Like Me Norm, being a Jackass Genie, can use this to twist wishes. It's telling that he doesn't do this to his current master, Amanda Adams who is too selfless to make a wish in the first place, and whom he grows fond of. The Anti-Fairies and the Anti-Pixies invite him to watch Timmy's demise, provided he sign a contract where one of the clauses is "any threat to the health or freedom of the one who signs it will leave the contract null and void.'' When the Anti-Fairies and Pixies nearly kill Amanda in this plot, the contract is rendered null and void, since Amanda's death would have resulted in him being suck back into a lamp, leaving them at his mercy. He then reveals he would have found a loophole to save Timmy anyways.

Girls und Panzer


  • Kimberly T's fanfics show Puck using this to great extent; not only does he enjoy the chance to take Alex on certain excursions that he can 'disguise' as educational moments, but he even expands his teaching duties to include teaching magic to Bethany Marsden, the part-Fey daughter of the Xanatos' new nanny Anne, on the grounds that the geas prohibiting him from using his powers only to teach Alexander doesn't prevent Bethany sitting in on Alex's lessons and participating in them. A scene from an unwritten future storyline shows Demona use a more ruthless variation of this loophole by threatening Alex's life unless Puck restores the voice of the currently-cursed Gabriel (the mate of Demona's daughter Angela, currently cursed to be silent and worried that the curse would be passed on to their egg); Puck concedes, but Owen notes that this only worked because Demona's immortality meant that going along with her demand was the easiest option, and Xanatos assures Owen that he has no intention of using that method in future.

Harry Potter

  • In the infamous My Immortal A rather bizarre example occurs; as Dumbledore is the only wizard Voldemort is afraid of, Voldemort ingeniously decided to carry out his plan on killing everyone in the room, just without looking at him.
  • In 3 Slytherin Marauders the goblins inform Tom Riddle that he can't completely empty out Voldemort's Gringott's vaults... so he leaves him a single Knut. Also fugitives can seek asylum at Gringotts because "Gringotts customers are allowed to stay and count their gold for as long as they like."
  • In A Year Too Soon, Harry asks about Flitwick leaving him at the Leaky Cauldron so Harry can just rent a room there until term starts. Flitwick very firmly tells Harry that he is to escort Harry back to his relatives house, however it's none of his business what Harry gets up to after that.
  • In the Adam Winters series, at one point Adam is essentially accused of underage magic use, but since the protective charms Wormtail used make it hard for the Ministry to identify him as the culprit by name and nobody in the relevant department knew where Adam was staying to help them pin the ‘crime’ on him, Dumbledore decides to let that incident go without pressing charges given the circumstances.
  • In The Adventures Of Harry Potter, the Video Game: Exploited when Harry discovers that his life is actually a videogame he determines he'll use every cheat, grind, and underhanded tactic available in order to exploit the system. Harry becomes a Munchkin and exploits such videogame tropes as Good Bad Bugs, Save Scumming, and Take Your Time.
  • In Angry Harry and the Seven, a Ravenclaw Harry Potter is entered into the Triwizard Tournament against his will. Despite not being of age, which is a rule and breaking any of the rules means breaching the contract, it looks like he will be doomed to lose his magic, whether he participates in the Task or not. However, he then remembers something about the wording of the contract. According to it, he must compete in the First Task on November 24th. It doesn't say he has to compete on November 24th, 1994. As such, he uses that to delay his participation in the task until November 24th, 1997, when he'll be of age, and thus be able to participate without breaching the contract. Barty Crouch Senior, as the representative of the Ministry, tries to change the contract so that Harry will participate. Upon Harry's objection of not being of age, he agrees to emancipate Harry. Using that, Harry immediately claims Lordship of the House of Potter. After doing so, he then uses Crouch's attempt to alter the contract to vacate said contract in its entirety, freeing him from the Tournament.
    • An earlier example in the same story is when Harry and his friends investigate the third floor corridor. They are caught by Filch, who informs Dumbledore. When Dumbledore confronts Harry and Daphne Greengrass on going to the forbidden corridor, Daphne points out that Dumbledore stated, "The third floor corridor, on the left, is out of bounds to all students who do not wish to die a horrible death." By these words, the corridor is not out of bounds to students who do wish to die a horrible death.
  • In Courage and Cunning Dobby gets around the Malfoy's orders forbidding him to identify who his Masters are by telling "Harry" that he just spent the evening getting the red and gold hair dye (that "Harry" had earlier pranked Draco with) out of young master's hair.
  • In The Dark Witch and the Necromancer Harry mentions that when summoning demons one must be careful to watch the wording:
    Demons tried to kill their summoners because they despised humans generally but even more the ones, who dared to force them under their will. Which demon wanted to serve a mere human? So they tried to interpret the commands of their master in such a way, that allowed them to hurt or even kill their caster. If the summoner wasn't careful enough, that would happen very quickly. The demons had to do whatever the summoner demanded, but if he didn't word his demand carefully, the demon would take revenge later. For instance, one of the inexperienced Necromancers in the past had summoned a Demon. He had worded his demand carefully but had forgotten to forbid the demon to bring anything with him. So he brought two things, a burning torch and a barrel full of black powder. He didn't hurt or kill his summoner directly, but as he swept down back to hell, he let both fall down to the ground and the Necromancer was... well... history.
  • In Deadly Eyes of A Phoenix Reborn in the first task of the Tri-Wizard Tournament Harry just summons the golden egg.
  • In Dobby's Deceit the goblins give Harry an apartment trunk with a Floo so they can come to Privet Drive without any problems.
    Dobby: It be forbidden for goblins to visit Muggle dwellings. It also be forbidden to meet heirs without supervision of magical guardians. But this trunk be Gringotts property, and goblins may visit their own property whenever they like. If Harry Potter sir happens to be there also, it be no crime.
  • In Harry Potter and the Acts of Betrayal Harry discovers that many years ago Tom Marvolo Riddle swore a Fealty Oath to one Orion Mordecai Black but the way it was worded Riddle swore loyalty not to Orion but to "Lord Black" and as the current "Lord Black," Harry calls in the debt.
  • In Harry Potter and the Descent Into Darkness when Harry faces allegations that he "cheated" during the first task of the Tri-Wizard Tournament by subduing the dragon using Parseltongue Harry points out that nowhere in the rules did it say he had to fight the dragon.
  • In Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality, battles between the armies only end "when Professor Quirrell, in his personal judgment, decided one army had won by practical real-world standards":
    There was no formal victory condition, Professor Quirrell had explained, because then Harry would figure out how to game the rules. Harry had to admit this was a fair cop.
    • Lampshaded when, during a later battle which does have formal scoring, this is exactly what happens.
    Professor Quirrell: I warned you, Headmaster. It is impossible to have rules without Mr. Potter exploiting them.
    • In the first match with an explicit rule, namely you're what ever faction you state you are, which means points are taken away from that stated faction if you are knocked (which allowed for spies and the massive Gambit Pileup that happened in that match), Harry joined forces with Draco's army, with both of them declaring themselves as part of Hermione's army, meaning she lost the massive lead in points.
  • Given that the main character of Harry Potter and the Natural 20 is a huge Munchkin from an RPG-Mechanics Verse, this is to be expected. One particular example is how he handled the problem of obtaining resources to make magic items (which require a sacrifice of expensive material): buying up massive quantities of table salt. A pound of salt is worth only a few cents in the modern world, but it's worth five gold in the world of Medieval Stasis.
  • In Harry Potter and the Parseltongue Legend the Hogwarts rules state that students are only allowed to bring an owl, cat, or toad, or a bonded familiar. Since Harry already underwent the familiar bond ritual with his magical cobra he's allowed to keep his snake.
  • In Harry Potter and the Power of Paranoia when developing a weapon to use against Voldemort, Luna develops a way to smuggle a large amount of plastic explosives past Harry's best wards by transfiguring them into wrackspurts. This bypasses the "transfigured animals" and "weapons" wards because the wards aren't equipped to handle something that doesn't technically exist.
  • The premise of the one-shot Slash Fic I bid him! Harry makes use of the old medieval law of "Verbidden" (in which a criminal facing the gallows is released in exchange for marriage) to save good!Voldemort from execution and since the law was drafted in the middle ages and homosexuality was considered abnormal it was just assumed that it would always be a woman so no one specifically wrote the law so that it had to be a woman who bidded someone.
  • In If Thems The Rules with help from Melania Black Harry exploits an obscure pureblood law to keep his powerful and influential stalker firmly in the friend zone.
  • In The Ilvermorny Champion Luna and Astoria are allowed to attend the Yule Ball despite being younger than the age limit because Harry having promised them a dance means that technically they count as his dates.
  • In Impossible Harry utilizes this after being forced to compete in the Tri-Wizard Tournament—he enters the arena with the dragon and instead of bothering the dragon or trying to get the golden egg he summons Quidditch Through The Ages and conjures himself a comfy chair and just sits there reading for twenty minutes:
    Dumbledore: Mr. Potter. What, may I ask, are you doing?
    Harry: I'm doing the task.
    Dumbledore: But the task is to collect the egg from dragon.
    Harry: No. To complete the task I would have to get the egg from dragon however just entering the arena constitutes competing which is enough to satisfy the contract.
  • In Liquida Tenebris Harry gets Voldemort to vow on his life and magic to stop touching him. Voldie swears... and then immediately starts poking him with his wand.
  • In Lord of Caer Azkaban Harry promises to remain at Hogwarts until he's completed his NEWTS... and then hoodwinks Dumbledore into letting him take his NEWTS early.
  • In The Mind's Guardian, an AU in which Harry has allied himself with Fudge against Dumbledore, as much as Fudge doesn't like Dumbledore he doesn't see any way to legally be rid of him but then Harry finds a loophole:
    Harry: Isn't perjury grounds for impeachment?
    Norton: You're referring to him claiming Voldemort's returned? Unfortunately, speeches before the Wizengamot and ICW are not sworn statements during a judicial proceeding. If he were anyone else, the Wizengamot might hold him in contempt, but that's all anyone can do.
    Harry: I wasn't referring to his 1981 speech. I meant his testimony in the January 1982 trial of Severus Snape. Hogwarts doesn't have full transcripts, but The Daily Prophet printed an excerpt. I may be remembering this incorrectly, but I believe Dumbledore used the phrase 'Voldemort's death' during his testimony. If he's running around now saying he always knew Voldemort survived then he perjured himself during Snape's trial.
  • From Oh God Not Again!:
    Dobby: Dobby wasn't trying to save the Great Harry Potter's life nor was he trying to send him away from Hogwarts. Dobby was trying to break Harry Potter's arm.
  • Repeatedly used in The Parselmouth of Gryffindor:
    • Firstly, this is how Hermione gets around Tom Riddle's orders to the Basilisk. He forbids her to "take any such initiatives as befriending a muggle-born child" ever again, and she replies by ordering the Basilisk to be friends with her — so it's not actually the Basilisk taking an initiative anymore.
    • Later on, a Boggart manages to purchase a wand. Wait, you say! Does wizarding law not forbid non-human creatures from owning wands? Well, yes, but wizarding law also classifies Boggarts as "amortal non-beings" — not creatures.
  • In Passageways Harry's grandmother mentions a demon which was ordered by the High Priest who summoned it to protect the pharaoh - but not his kingdom. The resulting devastation was what turned Egypt into a desert wasteland.
  • In Past's Player Harry promises to stop Obfuscating Stupidity if Tom Riddle will just leave him alone. Tom agrees because Harry didn't specify how long he had to "leave him alone." Feeling generous he gives him a week...
  • In Pavement Diaries Bellatrix manages to steal the prophecy orb that only Harry Potter and the Dark Lord can touch:
    As for how she left with the orb, It was such a trivial loophole. So trivial, yet so brilliant. Bellatrix couldn't pick up the orb, but she could move the shelf it was on. So she did, and levitated it in a bag complete with featherlight and invisible extension charms, and walked right out the front door with it.
  • In The Power Of Seven, Susan suggests a legal loophole that would make Harry taking multiple wives perfectly acceptable from the perspective of the wizarding world; as he himself is the heir of two noble families- Potter and Black- he can legally take two wives so that each gives birth to the heirs of those houses, and he could also marry Susan and let her keep her surname as she is the last living Bones.
  • In Princess of the Blacks Jennifer Black is able to bring her pet raven to Hogwarts despite it not being an owl because it's her bonded familiar.
    • Jen abuses them regularly during the tournament. For example, Flitwick wasn't helping her with the tournament, but with career advice; it's just a lucky coincidence that his help was useful for future tasks.
    • Jen gets past the Potions challenge in the final task without using any of the potions (which don't affect her). The Durmstrang potions master wants her disqualified but the Beauxbatons one is rather impressed with her lateral thinking.
    • In the sequel, Jen makes on oath on her magic knowing full well that such oath can't affect her due to not having any magic herself.
    • In the third book, Jen explains that she can't outright destroy Snape's Dark Mark without destroying his arm, but can move it to something else which she can destroy.
    • Even though her evocation was targeted for an plane nowhere near Death's, he can still hijack Jen's ritual because any magic she does involves traces of his own.
    • In the final book, Jen utilizes the fact that punishment for Evocation is under the jurisdiction of where it's performed, even if the summoned creatures are brought elsewhere. Since she did it in France, she only has to worry about a fine for performing a Dark Art before receiving her license (which she earned that very day).
  • In Saving Her, Saving Us All, Sirius is restored to life because after being sent through the Veil of Death, it turns out to be a Veil of Judgment instead, and it judges Sirius' soul to be "pure," and thus refuses to condemn him. Harry is of course tremendously relieved, but then Harry remembers how Sirius almost got Snape killed with a schoolboy prank, so in chapter 3, Harry reluctantly asks Sirius why the Veil judged him to be pure in spite of that. Sirius answers that it was because he was so dumb as a schoolboy, he genuinely-within-his-heart didn't know that his prank could have killed Snape, so the prank didn't dilute his "purity" to the Veil of Judgment.
  • In To The Waters and the Wild during flying lessons because Madam Hooch told them "no broomsticks in the air" Harry just flies after Draco without a broomstick.
  • In Triwizard Without Tears, Snape attempts to take a thousand points from Gryffindor after Harry "completes" the Second Task by draining the Black Lake into the Slytherin dorm. However, Dumbledore reminds him professors are only allowed to deduct a maximum of 200 points at a time. Snape's response is to immediately deduct 200 points from Gryffindor five times in quick succession.
  • In Vahan when Crime Lord!Harry expresses doubts he'd be allowed to bring his pet cougar to Hogwarts his Dragons point out "Hogwarts regulations say you can have a cat, owl, or toad. It doesn't specify breed or size. And she is technically a cat."
  • In Chapter 40 of Variations on a Scene, Ron sends back a warning to himself from eight months in the future using a Time Turner even though Time Turners can only send someone back in time six hours. Ron went back in time six hours, convinced that Ron to take the written warning back another six hours and convince that Ron, until they managed to reach the morning of Halloween during their fourth year.
  • Averted in Visitor when Voldemort draws up an iron-clad secrecy contract to prevent Madame Pomfrey from mentioning her treating Harry Potter or anything about their meeting to Dumbledore.
    It really was as loophole-free as he'd said it would be. It really was a perfect secrecy contract. If she had actually been planning to tell Dumbledore or anyone else anything, this would have made it impossible. Even the method of 'I'm lying to you but making it so obvious that you know I am lying' had been included in it. When she was finally through it all, twenty minutes had passed. Taking the quill she was being offered, she signed her name, and the contract shone bright silver before disappearing.
  • Parodied in What A Cliché:
    Harry: According to rule 149-A slash B-52 subsection alpha-3 beta rotgut of the Hogwarts Rulebook, I demand a resorting!
    Harry: According to rule 721-D slash N-12 subsection beta-9 theta boogedy of the Hogwarts Rulebook, bonded partners of an enrolled student have the right to reside within the castle.
  • What Would Slytherin Harry Do? is all about this trope. From using plausible deniability to beat Veritaserum to pointing out that the ban on clubs without Umbridge's permission only extend to regular meetings and their meetings were highly irregular.
  • The Widower Maker has Magical Britain enact a Marriage Law that all but enslaves half-bloods and Muggleborns to old Pureblood families, as the former are forced to marry into the latter, which gain control over everything the former possess. However, Harry's wives and their families die one after the other in accidents or "accidents", which he cannot be accused of since the spells forbid him from doing any harm to them. He gets out of it by using a Time Turner, going from a point after the people die (moment in which the spells stop working) to cause all of the accidents and get scot free - and with all of those families' possessions, to boot.
  • One ficlet has Harry getting around the ban on underage magic by getting a job. As he points out, the job requires traveling and irregular hours, making it impossible to prove he wasn't working whenever he casts a spell.
  • In YAIHF, Dobby is able to legally gather artifacts from The Department of Mysteries because he stole a certificate from the Malfoy's vault that says "Give the holder of this paper anything he wants. Signed Cornelius Fudge". The Unspeakable guarding the artifacts doesn't give a damn because he's only supposed to guard them from unauthorized people, and Dobby clearly has authorization, despite being a House-Elf (Also, he hates Fudge, so...).

How to Train Your Dragon

  • In The Blacksmith's Apprentice, Thuggory attempts to invoke Heir’s Privilege to claim Astrid as his wife, but Hiccup uses that same rule to claim Astrid for himself as local heir takes precedent in the event of such a claim, despite the fact that Berk doesn’t recognise Heir’s Privilege under normal circumstances (which stops Snotlout trying to invoke it after Thuggory’s left).
  • In Lost Boy, when Snotlout challenges Hiccup for his position as heir, Hiccup asks if they are allowed to choose their own weapons.
    Hiccup: As you have issued the challenge, I have the right to choose the weapons.
    Mulch: That is correct.
    Snotlout: Then what are you choosing, bitch? You can barely lift an axe or a hammer. Maybe a belt knife? Or a toothpick? Or a
    Hiccup: I choose dragons.


  • Hivefled: The Condesce was permitted to choose her weapons for her battle with her ancestor. Technically, a lowblood follower counts as a weapon; she chose the Handmaid, the most powerful psychic ever known.
    • Also, the Grand Highblood isn't actually forbidden from raping teenagers to death and binding their souls to himself.

Inside Out

  • Intercom: After struggling with studying for her upcoming test, Riley gets the idea to have the emotions guide her through the test. Fear expresses concern that is cheating, but Riley claims that since the emotions are inside her head, she wouldn't be getting help from an outside source.

Jackie Chan Adventures

Kill la Kill

  • How Ryuuko meets Mako in The Outside. As Aikurou points out in chapter 2, Satsuki's rules are that Ryuuko can't go outside, not that she wasn't allowed to look, in which case, Ryuuko takes a peek from behind the curtain before opening the window and poking her head out, sniffing the air.

The Legend of Zelda

  • After Link finds himself at the Temple of Souls in Raising Link, Cia and Lana argue about what to do with him. Cia wants to keep Link at the temple and grant him immortality once he's older so that he can be the sisters' lover, and while Lana secretly desires the same thing, she feels Link would be better of at Castle Hyrule. When Lana insists that Link has no place at the temple since every incarnation of him is always destined to defeat Ganondorf and save Hyrule, Cia argues that nowhere does it say that Link can't stay at the temple with them before and after his adventure.

Mass Effect

  • In The Fourth Council Race, humanity, in order to close the technological gap between them and the Citadel, lists the help of quarian specialists in exchange for the Migrant Fleet being given access to Alliance ship construction and service facilities. Had they offered them dextro planets, the Council could have taken actual action, but as it is... trading with the Migrant Fleet if fully legal, so all they can do is send a note of protest, because showing eagerness to change rules on a whim will not be taken positively by their own corporations.
  • In And The Meek Shall Inherit The Galaxy, the Exact Words method of loophole abuse gets lampshaded and subverted when the newly formed Independant League is held to the galaxy-wide Dreadnaught limit. Some turians are furious about this due to the fact that the League willingly accepts the limitation... because the combat doctrine the humans introduced has all but made dreadnaughts obsolete in favor of carriers. The Citadel Council refuses to place a similar limit on carriers to stay on the good side of the League.

Mega Man (Classic)

Miraculous Ladybug

  • In Break it down, Butterfly, it is stated that a kwami has no say what happens to their miraculous until their user dies. When Gabriel had his heart seizure, his heart briefly stopped, giving Nooroo the window he needed to escape.

My Hero Academia

  • Implied in Izuku's Catsuki. Midoriya figures that his quirk, the ability to turn any human into an ordinary house cat, will be useless in the U.A. entrance exam. So he gets the idea that he doesn't have to excel in the exam, he just has to make sure no one else does and proceeds to disqualify as many participants as he can by turning them into cats. Midoriya earns a spot at the school while all the participants he disqualified will get another chance after they revert back to normal.
    All Might: Um, is this allowed?
    Nezu: I think it's interesting.
  • After Present Mic tells all of the aspiring students to "Bring anything you like!" to aid them in the entrance exam in Unexpected, Izuku brings a tank, after reading all variants of the UA Handbook to make sure it wasn't against the rules. Present Mic is actually impressed.
  • Looping Back to the Beginning:
    • Class 1-A are the only ones that loop. When Mineta lost his spot in the class, he stopped looping, and Shinsou, his replacement, started looping in his stead. This is also how Todoroki continued looping even after the loop where he was forced to go on the run after murdering Endeavour; despite having never attending a single class at UA, the administration never took him off the roster (with Aizawa deliberately choosing not to remind them to).
    • This is how Shinsou replaced Mineta in Class 1-A to begin with. Midoriya tore through most of the robots at the Entrance Exam, but some of them were still functioning on some level. Shinsou, who was at the same site as him, grabbed a rebar and promptly destroyed those still functioning that were incapacitated by him. He wasn't even sure if what he did counted for his score.

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

  • Diaries of a Madman has several examples. Navarone and Discord both love this trope, but Celestia also occasionally makes use of it as well.
  • In The Unchosen One, one of the standard tests Trixie has to take for her final exam at Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns requires levitating a set of cubes. Although she can only manage four the normal way (the effort increases exponentially with each cube), she realizes that juggling them means she only has to touch one or two at a time, and ends up lifting all ten that way. Twilight (who managed nine, the intended way) spent years trying to figure out how somepony managed to get a better result, and is horrified to learn this. Not to mention learning that it was Trixie.
    • Trixie also beats a test to get past a teacher's magical defenses by destroying the stage he was standing on. Twilight on the other hand, nullified his barrier before hitting him.
  • The Great Alicorn Hunt: Lesser draconequus Malfunziona can't directly affect any of the livestock at the expo in Chapter 38. So he breaks their enclosures and sets off a string of loud firecrackers, causing a mass livestock panic / stampede, thus distracting the opposition.


  • Naruto thrives on this in Cheaters Prosper. He cheats in the first exam by walking up to Kabuto and stealing his exam (which costs him only two points). For the second, he steals a couple scrolls then uses Henge to smuggle himself and his team onto Anko's coat so they arrive at the tower first.
  • Naruto in A Drop of Poison creates two additional personas with Kage Bunshin to increase his odds of graduating from the academy. If any of them graduate, they're still him so he legally becomes a genin. He also notes that in the event someone kicks up a fuss or he doesn't graduate, he can argue that since no one discovered him, he deserves to be made a ninja anyway.
  • Hyouta Hyuga in A Growing Affection asked Naruto to agree to set aside his weapons so they could fight on even ground. When Hyouta breaks out his holdout kunai, everyone gets mad at him for breaking the deal, and Hyouta points out that he never agreed to fight without weapons, he just asked Naruto to do so.
    • Tsunade promised not to send any Leaf Shinobi to rescue Princess Nyoko. Which does not cover hiring the Sand Ninja to find the princess, and then telling a group of ninjas, who happen to be Nyoko's friends and have a history of going AWOL, exactly where she is being held.
  • This NSFW story combines Loophole Abuse with Refuge in Audacity when Naruto comes to the Hyuuga clan to get rid of their Caged Bird Seal. The elders claim it's necessary and traditional, dating back to when they were a wandering clan. Naruto responds by putting on a Suna headband and, as a member of a rival clan, says he will attack them, put their men to the sword, and carry off their women. Because there's nothing more traditional than that. He then proceeds to beat the hell out of the entire clan, including the clan head and use their own laws to declare that they've officially surrendered once he beats Hiashi.
  • Team 7 obliterates the record for the second chunin exam in Naruto Myoushuu no Fuuin. Each team is given a token worth between one and nine points and told to reach the tower with at least twenty-five points worth of tokens. Naruto pick pockets several teams beforehand then they sprint to the tower, beating the five day exam in twenty minutes.
  • New Chance: During the Chunin Exams, Naruto's simple solution to the first test is to summon clones on the outside of the classroom (he's by the window) in full view of all the proctors. The clones proceed to work out the problems in the test by literally acting out the scenarios from the test.
    Proctor: "Is he allowed to do that!? Does that count as cheating?"
    Ibiki: (amused) "No. The clones still count as Naruto and since they're merely working out the questions outside of this classroom without disturbing anyone in here it doesn't count as cheating."
    • Naruto, again, when there's a breakout at Konoha's prison. The Hokage (Jiraiya) said he needed every ninja to help. So since he just became a genin he counts as a ninja and so does Hinata so they can help. When Hayate points out that Naruto and Hinata aren't technically ninja until they get approval from their jonin sensei and should retreat, Naruto then argues that he's going to help any way since Hayate can't order him around since he's not Naruto's commanding officer.
  • In One Eye, Full of Wisdom Sakura quickly tells Shino in the prelims that there's no rule stating she has to fight him inside the room everyone's assembled in. She leads him on a merry chase throughout the building using hit and run tactics. Afterwards, the rules are changed so that leaving the arena counts as a forfeit but Sakura gets a good deal of respect for her outside the box thinking.
  • During the first exam in Reaching for a Dream, Naruto takes advantage of only losing two points for being caught cheating by punching out one of the chuunin plants and stealing his exam. While impressed, Ibiki promptly declares that anyone imitating him will fail automatically, because they'd only be copying Naruto who had the balls to come up with it himself.
  • Real Skill has Kakashi sent back to the Academy after Naruto takes both bells during the bell test. As Naruto pointed out (and the Hokage agreed), the rules stated that anyone without a bell at noon would be sent back to the academy.
  • In The World's Greatest Chunin Exam Team, a Kage retains the rank they had before they gained their title. Since Gaara was groomed to be Kazekage immediately after the invasion, he never had the chance to retake the exam and is still technically a genin. Meaning that he is still eligible to participate in the exam as a member of Team Terumi. Which is comprised of two other S-Class ninja as his teammates (who also happen to be genin) and another Kage as the jonin-sensei. Yeah.
  • In Team 7's Ascension, part of the first test in the Chunin Exams involves finding a code hidden in a room to escape then hiding it yourself for the next candidate. Since Shino knows Chouji will be the next one in the room, he simply leaves the code on the table in the middle of the room.
  • In Geniuses of Hard Work, Kakashi and Gai made a bet regarding the team that does better in the Chunin Exams. If Kakashi wins, Gai will have to give up wearing his green spandex; if Gai wins, Kakashi will have to unmask in front of Gai. Gai eventually wins, and Kakashi reveal another mask underneath. When Gai protests, the Third Hokage says that Kakashi is honoring the bet, since Gai asked him to "unmask", not to "reveal his face".

One Piece


  • Pokemon Tabletop Utopus Region: The Bug-Catching Competition does not allow competitors to attack each other. There is, however, no rule against the competitors attacking the wild Pokemon - which is useful to the protagonists, because one of their team is a powerful martial artist. There's also no rule against Scarlet choosing one Pokémon, and then channelling another so that she basically has access to all their moves and techniques as well.
  • Pokémon Reset Bloodlines:
    • In the Johanna tie-in story, her parents' medical insurance is canceled because her father used to be a smoker and her mother had asthma as a child.
    • The Sensational Sisters, despite not being otherwise very bright, were quite good at this with things that annoyed them, as shown when they kicked Misty out of their home by giving her a special permit so she could have an early start as a trainer and avoiding getting into legal troubles. Of course, when they tried to pull a similar stunt on Ash, it backfired horribly on them.
    • A minor example on Ash's part; he technically faces Giovanni with seven Pokémon, as he sends Pikachu's Poke Ball back to Professor Oak so that he can equip himself with a six-'mon team specifically selected to go up against Ground-Types, but Pikachu accompanies the girls to the stands to watch the battle rather than sitting on Ash's shoulder as usual.


  • Abound on both sides in The Beacon Civil War.
    • For the girls' side, the rules of the war game clearly state that no one can be prevented from entering the infirmary (though they can't hide there and will be discharged as soon as they're medically fit). But nothing says they can't post guards outside the infirmary to take men prisoner as they leave.
    • On the boys' side, Jaune refuses to trade food for his captured men after his side has taken the cafeteria from the girls, because the rules state that if one side can't/doesn't feed their prisoners three meals a day, said prisoners have to be released. Since the girls don't even have enough food for themselves, they're forced to release all of their prisoners.

Rosario + Vampire

  • Rosario Vampire: Brightest Darkness:
    • In Act II, Kokoa, having fallen in love with Tsukune herself, invokes the Eia Dreahl, a sacred vampire pact that is punishable by death if broken, to see whether or not herself or Moka would be his mate. When they tell the others as such, they fail to specify that the pact was only supposed to be between the two of them, only stating that "the first girl to give Tsukune a nosebleed wins." Yukari promptly seizes this opportunity, with predictable results.
    • Likewise, Inner Moka also realizes that the pact didn't actually specify how Tsukune was supposed to get a nosebleed, only that he did get one, and thus wins by punching Tsukune in the face and giving him a bloody nose.
    • When Kokoa inadvertently breaks the Eia Dreahl by sleeping with Tsukune while possessed in Act III, Dark saves her from execution by pointing out that Inner Moka won the pact, but it was Outer Moka who actually mated with Tsukune. Since the two are a Split Personality and Inner Moka didn't actually break the pact, the agreement is null and void and thus no one has to die.
    • At the end of Act III, Tsukune uses the Chrono Displacement spell to rewind time by a day and save his friends from death, dooming himself to die by 10:45 PM the next day. When the time comes, however, Tsukune's ghoul form was in control of his body, and since it had its own identity and personality, the ghoul was killed instead, leaving Tsukune alive and cured of its influence.

Star Trek

  • In What I Did for Love, it's established that infants with parents serving on starships can only stay there for the first six months of life, after which they have to leave, and the parents can either give up their working life as they currently know it to raise a child, or said child will be raised by other people. Neither option is particularly appealing for Jim and Spock. However, there's no specified age limit for ambassadors, who have the right to travel on Federation ships for any length of time, and therefore technically there's no reason why their newborn daughter can't be named as a junior member of the Vulcan Diplomatic Corps and stay aboard the Enterprise with her parents after the sixth-month limit is up.

Steven Universe

  • In this fancomic, Peridot follows Amethyst's advice to try gardening in literally any place but the Kindergarten, and... well, let's just say that Homeworld becomes quite overrun in heavy vegetation that not even the Quartz soldiers can get past.

Teen Titans

  • In The End of Ends, the condition of being able to use the Dark Prognosticus is to have an empty heart and have never found true happiness. A cybernetic heart's essentially the same as an empty heart... Though it's unsaid how Beljar managed to fulfill the latter part.
    • It says to have an empty heart and never found true happiness, it doesn't state the User has to be the one with both.

Tolkien's Legendarium

Warrior Cats

  • In the Accusation Fic Innocent or Guilty, the author argues that Thistleclaw was really a good person because nothing in the Code explicitly forbids warriors from beating up kittens note , and Thistleclaw didn't actually kill the kit...because a bystander forced him not to. So "technically" it's not murder! And technically, there's no rule against attempted murder, so StarClan was being horribly unfair in not letting him join their ranks.


  • The divergent point of the comedy fic Path To Munchies: The restrictions that the Entity Eden put on Contessa's Path to Victory power made her completely unable to model or plan for the Entities, the Endbringers or their plan, but they did not prevent Contessa from making a Path to model and bypass the restrictions themselves.
  • In the quest He Who Devours the World, the players (as an alt-power Nilbog) end up being forced under a geas by a villain working for the Elite. The geas works like Lelouch's power, in that the person affected has to abide by a verbal statement from the caster, and this statement can only be made once. The statement in question was "As long as we [the Elite] find you useful, you will not betray us." Players quickly figured out that all it would take to break the geas was someone in the Elite calling them useless. And then somebody figured out that their partner (who had earlier refused a deal with the Elite and was on the players' side because they rescued her) technically counted as a member of the Elite because she had decided to aid the players even though she knew they had been suborned, so she could break the geas on them.


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