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Long Title / Revolutionary Girl Utena

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Some of the Long Titles, a.k.a 5 or more words, of Revolutionary Girl Utena:


  1. For Whom the Rose Smiles
  2. On the Night of the Ball
  1. The Castle Said to Hold Eternity
  1. Graceful and Ruthless- The One who Picks the Flower, a.k.a Gracefully Cruel - The One Who Picks that Flower
  1. The Boys of the Black Rose
  2. The Landscape Framed by Kozue
  1. A Song for a Kingdom Now Lost
  1. The Terms of a Duelist
  1. Miki's Nest Box (The Sunlit Garden - Arranged)
  1. Azure Paler Than the Sky
  1. The Romance of the Dancing Girls
  2. The Prince Who Runs Through the Night
  1. The Love That Blossomed in Wintertime
  2. And Thus Opens the Doorway of Night
  3. The One to Revolutionize the World
  1. And Someday, Together, We'll Shine


  • Inhuman Illusory Soul Fusion Magic
  • The Absolute Destiny Apocalypse with Universal Gravitation
  • A Confessional Elevator- The Daydreamer's Troublesome Insect (Imaginary Bad Bug)
  • Magical Lantern Butterfly Moth 16th Century
  • An Immortal Emperor in a Mundane Universe
  • The Natural Compatriot's Palace Perspective Book
  • We Who Have Cast Ourselves Aside Become Fallen Angels
  • Cradled in the Grave of the World in the Hands of the World
  • Rose Naked Body ~ Shura Physical Constellation 45 Nebula
  • The First Duelist may be Reborn! The Never-Ending History of the Middle Ages.


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