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Long Title / Jewelpet

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Some of the Long Titles, a.k.a 5 or more words, of Jewelpet, sorted by episode number. Slashes are used for when episodes are in Three Shorts format to separate out the shorts:

Jewelpet: Magical Change:

  1. Magical Change with a Magical Stone
  2. Labra is Going Out on an Errand Labu~
  1. You Don't Even Need Magic!?/What Kind of Person is Dad?
  1. This Kind of Sushi Shop is a No!
  2. The Island of Doctor S/The Fueropet is Number One!
  3. The Idol's Debut Makes a Fuss!?/A Star is Born in the Jewel Cafe
  4. The Counterattack of the Empire of the Seals
  5. The Revenge! Ruby VS Luea
  6. The Great Midsummer Change of Sango
  7. Let Me Hear Your Voice
  8. Sakutaro in Love During the Summer Festival!?
  9. The Freeloader Who Came from the Human World
  10. The Sprout Does Not Appear Labu!/The Fashion Show with the See-through Pet
  1. The Magical Change into a Jewel Bento/Uncovered! The Secret of the Magic Fortune Telling/The Magical Fairy Tale of Sakutaro
  2. It Was the Fight of a Young Girl/It Was Too the Fight of a Young Girl
  3. The Story of Jewelland's Worst Pet Who Multiplied Her Magic by 40 in 10 Minutes and Restored the Jewel Castle/Jewel Castle Magical Training Camp from Hell!
  1. Ruby and Luea's Decisive Battle, Mediterranean Style
  2. The Hunt for Jewelland's Treasure/Invasion of the Pumpkin People!
  3. The Jewelpets are Here! Everyone's Reunited/The Glasses are a Part of Luna
  4. Have I Become a Magical Girl!?
  1. Can We Magical Change with the Cool Watch?/I Want a Dream for the Future Labu!
  2. Sakutaro is Getting Married!?