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Long Title / Hayate the Combat Butler

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Some of the Long Titles, a.k.a 5 or more words, of Hayate the Combat Butler, where individual chapters have been called "episodes":

Volume 1

  1. Santa's Red is a Blood-Colored Hell
  2. In English, 'Unmei' means 'Destiny'
  3. Observation of the Current State of Affairs and the Structure of the Maid Outfit
  4. Nagi Sanzenin and Her Chamber of Secrets
  5. Even if You Become a Newtype, Silence is a Virtue
  6. Good Children Shouldn't Copy This!! No, Even Bad Children and Adults Shouldn't Copy This Either, Not Ever!
  1. In the Language of Flowers, the St. John's Wort Fully Blooming in the Flower Garden, Means 'Vengeance'

Volume 2

  1. In the Wee Hours of a Full Moon Night, Roasting, Smashing and Grinding Them to Powder
  2. The Mystery of Men Playing Shogi All the Time at the Foot of the Tsutenkaku Tower
  3. ''The New 'Run Towards Our Sun!'
  1. How Much is Your Life?
  2. A Way to Lose the Golden Feater
  3. Careless Kindness Brings Unhappiness
  4. Bad Ending Flags in All Directions
  5. Even a Fool Catches Cold, So Please Help Me, Nurse Angel. I'm Not Finished Yet!!
  1. When I Turned, I Remembered That Was the Beginning of Unhappiness

Volume 3

  1. I Lost My Temper and Did It Because I Was Mortified About Losing to Little Kids on the Street. But, I Have No Regrets
  2. A Nuisance, Even for Peter Pan
  3. Who Came Up with the Sound Effect, 'Kapok'? It's Awesome
  4. I Never Had the Problem of Being Too Popular
  5. I Wanted to See the Challenge of the Super Shuffle
  6. By the Time Ojo-sama Cries
  1. I'm Hoping My Voice Will Reach You

Volume 4

  1. If This Were an Anime, the Opening Would Change!
  2. If the Teacher Told You to Die, Would You?!
  3. Fools, Smoke and Cats... No One Wants to Climb Up to High Places
  4. A Power That Won't Revolutionize the World
  5. A Long Time Ago, Space Sheriff Gyaban Taught Us that Youth Is About Not Turning Back!
  6. The One Who Controls Summer Seems to Control the Entrance Exam
  1. The First Class Likes Curry
  2. Samurai, Bushido and Moving Van Damme

Volume 5

  1. I Won't Forget You Were the Voice Actor in Art of Fighting
  2. Arrested for Breaking a Window at the School at Night
  3. Elohim Elohim, Let's Recite a Charm!!
  4. Mr. Cow, Mr. Cow! - What Is It, Mr. Frog?
  5. I Like Reading Books, but I Don't Know How to Make Use of Them
  1. Saki-chan's Ambition [Whole Country Version]
  1. Titanic Episode 4— With a Vengeance