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Some of the Long Titles, a.k.a 5 or more words, of Doraemon, sorted by episode number. Slashes are used for when episodes are in Three Shorts format to separate out the shorts:

1973 Doraemon series:

  1. "Nice Girl on the Roof"
  1. "There is a Cat Weak on Rats"
  2. "Papa and Mama's Wedding Anniversary"
  1. "Mystery of the Ghost House"
  2. "The Quick-Slow Great Strategy"
  1. "Red Bat of the Major League" / "A Man Fights with Power"
  1. "Date in the Milky Way"
  1. "My Chief of the Inner Palace" / "It's Summer! Let's Try to Ski"
  1. "Going to Sea in a Submarine"
  2. "Who is Going to Forget?"
  1. "The Homework Ghost Came Out"
  2. "I Have One Vote of Betrayal"

2005 series:

Episodes with English dubs are bolded. The first 26 episodes from the year 2005 were dubbed into English by LUK Internacional and aired on Boomerang in some countries. Several episodes were dubbed by Bang Zoom! Entertainment and aired on Disney XD in the US.
  1. "The Fishing Pond in My Studying Room" / "Remember! The Excitement of That Day"

  1. "Grand Opening of the Animal Training Shop!"

  1. "The Smoke Monster of the Lamp"


  • Doraemon: Nobita's New Great Adventure Into The Underworld - The Seven Magic Users


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