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Literature / Zaltec II: The Generation Stone

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It attacks with its breath, of all things.

Zaltec II: The Generation Stone is a graphical Gamebook with a strong emphasis on puzzles, alongside standard dice-based combat. The puzzle element serves as the game's primary mechanic, where the answer to a puzzle leads the player to the correct page.

This game is the sequel of The Return of Zaltec. Following the events in the first book, it is believed that the mythical Generation Stone is real. You play as a treasure hunter seeking the Stone.

It is available for download (free) at

Zaltec II: The Generation Stone provides examples of the following tropes:

  • Adventurer Archaeologist: You are a treasure hunter seeking the fabled Generation Stone, competing with other treasure hunter.

  • Broken Pedestal: Zaltec never was a hero, but a tyrant. He was recorded as a hero in An-Shuruk's prophecies only because his followers wouldn't have accepted her prophecies otherwise.

  • Cast from Hit Points: In order to gain magic points, your character must permanently sacrifice health points.

  • Lock and Key Puzzle: Many of the puzzles in this game. Instead of the more typical "if you have a key, you may proceed to page X", the keys will contain the part of a puzzle necessary for figuring out what page the lock leads to.

  • MacGuffin: The Generation Stone.

  • Mysterious Stranger: Right at the start of the game, sitting at a table and staring at you. Unfortunately, she does not wish to speak to you.

  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero: Upon finding the Generation Stone, you discover it's actually an artifact that allows you to time-travel. Which you do. Which somehow causes Zaltec not to have died four hundred years ago, and instead establish an evil dictatorship that lasts up until the present day.

  • Non-Linear Character: An-Shuruk. Turns out that's how she can see the future.

  • Philosopher's Stone: The Generation Stone is said to turn lead to gold and bring back people from the dead.

  • Red Herring: One of the items for sale by the artifact dealer is in fact an actual red herring.