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If Gilbert Chesterton and Herb Wells were best friends in a steampunk universe when they were 17 and had a crazy adventure involving airships, robots, flying cities, Pinkerton men, a mysterious female nemesis, Gil's true love, a couple of courageous young lads who double as inventors, and much more ... then you would have this book.

A Steampunk Sci-fi Christian novel staring Gilbert Chesterton as a teenager in London. He dreams of being a writer, but he has to work as a menial laborer to afford food. But he is recruited to write a story by a local newspaper about a strange meteor show, he finds his chance. But the meteors are actually aliens, and he ends up accidentally saving the world.


Along the way, he meets Herbert 'Herb' Wells, a fellow reporter who takes him under his wing, Father Brown, a elderly, yet skilled priest who converts Gilbert (it is a Catholic novel after all) and The Doctor (no, not that Doctor) who accompany him. He is also being followed by a mysterious red-headed girl who is part of a secret organization. He is later introduced (by Herb) to Frances, a pretty brunette heiress (whom he was married to in real life).

There are various real life people in there, such as the already pointed out G. K. Chesterton and H.G. Wells and there are others, including C. S. Lewis (he wrote the Narnia books and was a friend of Chesterton's) and Gilbert's real life wife, Frances.

There are also fictional characters, such as Father Brown, Tom Sawyer, Huckleberry Finn, and Anne of Green Gables.


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