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Welcome to the Wordverse. Characters from different sources thrown together in a shared world of danger and adventure! Every series of fights will be connected by a common story arc.- Intro

The Wordverse is a Massive Multiplayer Crossover written by Wordmaker on the Atomic Think Tank boards. It's divided into Arcs, five of which are completed, as well as a sixth currently unresolved arc that focuses on some more mundane action. Wordmaker stats up the characters that appear in the story using the Mutants & Masterminds system, and then plays out the battles using the stats. So far, in addition to unique characters, he's stated up characters from The DCU, Marvel Comics, V for Vendetta, Big Trouble in Little China, James Bond, 24, Dresden Files, Equilibrium, Walker, Texas Ranger, Knight Rider, Transformers, The Crow and Die Hard universes, though most of the arcs have Batman as the main character.


The Wordverse provides examples of:


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