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Five survivors of supernatural trauma are coerced by their psychiatrist into joining a unique support group. Harrison is a twenty-something ex-monster hunter who’s less devil-may-care than he initially appears. Stan is an amputee from cannibalism, who’s in love with being a victim. Barbara encountered the mysterious Scrimshander, who carved something into her literal bones. Martin is an RPG obsessed guy who begins seeing Dwellers, creatures from the other side, and Greta is a girl with a secret, and initially seems like the key to why they’re all gathered together. The book is an extended character study on the trauma the Last Boy or Last Girl that defeats or survives the monsters undergoes. To be a hero means being a survivor, with all the PTSD that entails.


Provides examples of:

  • Dark and Troubled Past: All of the five main characters have one of these
  • Heroic BSoD: Stan goes through one of these initially and has never really recovered
  • Hurting Hero: All of the main characters, although Greta qualifies above and beyond the others
  • Limelight Series: Each of the five main characters' point of views are highlighted, and all their different experiences are explored
  • Monsters Anonymous: Played with, in that none of the patients are monsters or villains, but their therapist is
  • Resigned to the Call: Martin, in particular, can't seem to escape his hallucinations, which launches the entire group into unraveling a series of mysteries
  • Survivor Guilt: The reason the heroes are in therapy, but Greta is dealing with her guilt a bit more in real-time than the rest

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