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"His chin lifted, tongue dragging against his lip. He was covered in rainfall, jacket thrown on haphazardly as if his soaked state barely phased him at all. His pant legs fell into his fishing boots, hands slack at his sides. A thin silver necklace hung from the man's neck, glinting with the cafe's light."

Water In My Lungs is a story of mystery, murder, romance, and obsession with a bittersweet aftertaste. Estelle and Connor are two young women with a thirst for adventure and therefore end up in the rural town of Shannon, Ireland. Ultimately becoming landowners of an old house sitting peacefully on a lake, they start settling in to a quiet, happy life.


Not long after their arrival, strange things start to occur. The death of the sweet, elderly man who sold them the house shakes their world when they're blamed for the horrific drowning. In the midst of the chaos, they meet a young man, Killian, who instantly draws the attraction of Connor, the older of the girls, and has no intention of losing it.

During this struggle to clear their name, Estelle takes on a handsome admirer who at first seems harmless but proves to be the storm that blankets her bright future. He is the town's most successful fisherman with an unknown beginning and a less than friendly disposition to the other residents of Shannon. Bedivere immediately attaches himself to the introverted Estelle.

The more Estelle disregards Bedivere, the more desperate he is to get her to understand his determination but something strange settles on the surface of his fondness. He calls her by a name she's never heard, he refers to time they've shared she doesn't remember and soon, it becomes apparent that Bedivere is no normal man.


After hours spent in the library of their deceased old friend, Estelle finds the answers to her questions. MAN OR ANIMAL??? written over and over in the corners of chapter headings. Kelpie: Water Demon

The more time they spend with Killian, the more evidence arises to Connor that he isn't exactly human, either. With a knack for disappearing and facts that don't quite match up, the girls' inquiries become too much to be ignored.

More drownings occur as Bedivere's obsession becomes dangerous, Connor's own safety threatened during one of his unsolicited visits. Estelle battles with herself on what sacrifice is to be made to save her best friend and the helpless city they live in. Killian and Connor begin to brush the surface of their budding romance while the town falls under a sickness that couldn't possibly be spread by natural means. Estelle's choice is kept secret, and certain to end badly. But just how badly, and for who?



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