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In the expansive Warrior Cats franchise, the ebook novellas serve to flesh out characters and events that aren't covered by the main series. Twelve novellas have so far been released. Four collections of three novellas each have been released in paperback: The Untold Stories contains Cloudstar's Journey, Hollyleaf's Story, and Mistystar's Omen; Tales from the Clans has Leafpool's Wish, Tigerclaw's Fury, and Dovewing's Silence; Shadows of the Clans contains Mapleshade's Vengeance, Goosefeather's Curse and Ravenpaw's Farewell; and Legends of the Clans has Spottedleaf's Heart, Pinestar's Choice and Thunderstar's Echo.


Beware of unmarked spoilers! All spoilers are unmarked, other than spoilers from the novellas themselves.

The novellas themselves tell stories of cats from many different time periods throughout Clan history. Works in this series:

  • Hollyleaf's Story (March 13, 2012) tells of Hollyleaf's time spent in the tunnels with Fallen Leaves after the events of Sunrise through The Forgotten Warrior.
  • Mistystar's Omen (September 11, 2012) takes place just after Leopardstar's death. Upon discovering a troubling secret about her medicine cat, Mistystar faces her first challenge as leader.
  • Cloudstar's Journey (January 29, 2013) shows the last days of SkyClan in the forest, and the decay of Cloudstar's faith.
  • Tigerclaw's Fury (January 28, 2014) takes off from the end of Forest of Secrets, detailing Tigerclaw's actions that lead to his takeover of ShadowClan.
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  • Leafpool's Wish (April 22, 2014) shows Leafpool's pregnancy and her efforts to hide her kits' true parentage from the Clan.
  • Dovewing's Silence (November 2, 2014) begins just after the end of The Last Hope, and deals with Dovewing having just lost her powers.
  • Mapleshade's Vengeance (March 24, 2015) takes place long before the main series and details Mapleshade's motherhood and the beginning of her revenge on the Clans.
  • Goosefeather's Curse (September 1, 2015) focuses on Goosefeather, and takes place before even Tallstar's Revenge, detailing the events which lead him to go mad in Bluestar's Prophecy.
  • Ravenpaw's Farewell (January 26, 2016) tells the story of Ravenpaw's journey to find SkyClan during his last days.
  • Spottedleaf's Heart (April 11, 2017) tells the story of Spottedleaf and how she gave up her warrior apprentice status to become a medicine cat.
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  • Pinestar's Choice (April 11, 2017) tells the story of Pinestar choosing a comfortable kittypet life over the battles of the clans.
  • Thunderstar's Echo (April 11, 2017) tells about Thunderstar's struggle as leader in the early days of the Clans as his deputy dies.
  • Redtail's Dept (April 9, 2019)
  • Tawnypelt's Clan (April 9, 2019) explains why Tawnypelt stepped down as deputy of ShadowClan and how she came to that decision.
  • Shadowstar's Life (April 9, 2019) tells the story of hoe Shadowstar became the first leader to lose her last life in a battle that she started.
  • Pebbleshine's Kits (April 7, 2020)
  • Tree's Roots (April 7, 2020)
  • Mothwing's Secret (April 7, 2020)
  • Daisy's Kin (spring 2021)
  • Blackfoot's Reckoning (spring 2021)
  • Spotfur's Rebellion (spring 2021)

Additionally, Vicky has expressed interest in writing a Skywatcher novella.

The novellas provide examples of:

  • A Day in the Limelight: For Mistystar, Cloudstar, Tigerstar, Mapleshade, Goosefeather, Spottedleaf, Pinestar, Redtail, Tawnypelt, and Shadowstar. Hollyleaf, Leafpool Dovewing, Ravenpaw, and Thunderstar all already had points of view in main series.
  • Awesome Moment of Crowning: Mistystar and Pinestar's leader ceremonies. Averted in Tigerclaw's Fury since his ceremony is in The Ultimate Guide.
  • Cast Herd: Each novella features a different one, often separated temporally as well as physically.
  • Breakout Character: Several cats (notably Ravenpaw, Goosefeather, and Mapleshade) were chosen to star in novellas because of their extreme popularity within the fandom.
  • Captain Obvious Aesop: An in-universe one in Mistystar's Omen. That is to say, the aesop is specific to Warriors, and one the audience has already learned: it's okay to be a medicine cat even if you don't believe in StarClan, as long as you love your Clan.
  • Character Name and the Noun Phrase: The "Character Name's Noun Phrase" variant. The novellas share this trait with the Super Editions.
  • Crisis of Faith: Cloudstar suffers one. He starts out as a deeply religious cat, but by the end of his novella he has denounced StarClan.
  • Downer Ending: Cloudstar's Journey. SkyClan is banished, Cloudstar will never see his mate again in life and won't get to watch his kits grow up. And it keeps getting sadder after the novella ends: SkyClan will have a long, dangerous journey to find the gorge, and even after they do, their Clan gets destroyed by rats.
  • Easily Forgiven: Well, easy for Tigerclaw. The followers who abandoned him when it was clear he was losing the fight against ThunderClan end up getting no comeuppance whatsoever, other than Tigerclaw's irritation.
  • Evil Plan: Tigerclaw's is to take over ShadowClan in order to get revenge on ThunderClan.
  • Internal Reveal: Mistystar learns that Mothwing doesn't believe in StarClan, something the readers have known for a long time.
  • Midquel: Parts of Pinestar's Choice and Spottedleaf's Heart are this for Bluestar's Prophecy
  • Never Trust a Title: Cloudstar's Journey. Cloudstar is well known for being the cat who took SkyClan away from the forest, so the title of his novella seems to imply that it's about that journey. Nope, it's actually just the moon or so before the events of the Firestar's Quest prologue.
  • Origins Episode: For Mapleshade, most likely, and also Goosefeather.
  • No Antagonist: In many if not most of these ebooks.
  • Pet the Dog: Tigerclaw is genuinely worried about Tawnykit and Bramblekit when the fire breaks out in ThunderClan territory.
  • P.O.V. Sequel:
    • Tigerclaw's Fury takes place during Rising Storm but tells it from Tigerclaw's point of view, rather than Fireheart's.
    • Hollyleaf's Story takes place during early OotS.
  • Prequel: Cloudstar's Journey is one for the SkyClan saga. Also Mapleshade's Vengeance, Goosefeather's Curse and a chunk of Pinestar's Choice.
  • Protagonist Title: Every one of them, much like the Super Editions. This is in contrast to the main novels which typically have vague and/or ominous titles like Rising Storm or The Sign of the Moon.
  • The Reveal: In Tigerclaw's Fury we learn that Tigerstar has been unknowingly advised by Mapleshade presumably for his whole life.
  • Series Continuity Error: Clawface is a pretty major character in Tigerclaw's Fury, despite dying well before the novella begins.
    • Many of these are scattered through Spottedleaf's Heart, including Spottedpaw finding out about Tigerpaw attacking Tiny even though she's supposed to be a kit and still in camp. Though, this is nothing compared to chapters 9 and 10...
  • Sequel: Thunderstar's Echo is this for Dawn of the Clans and Moth Flight's Vision
  • Spoiler Title: Although it makes sense not to call the book Tigerstar's Fury it's still surprising to see this trope averted in reference to the series' main Big Bad. However, this is played straight with Mistystar's Omen.
  • Villain Episode:
    • Tigerclaw's Fury shows what happened to Tigerclaw after his exile from ThunderClan and how he became ShadowClan's leader.
    • Mapleshade's Vengeance is a full version of Mapleshade's downfall that she'd briefly summarized at the end of Crookedstar's Promise.
  • Villain Protagonist: Tigerclaw and Mapleshade.
  • Villain with Good Publicity: For Tigerclaw in Tigerclaw's Fury, and really nowhere else in the Warriors series. To ShadowClan, Tigerclaw seems strong, capable, reasonable, courageous, and is clearly willing to do what needs to be done to make their Clan strong again. He even fakes a sign from StarClan that he should be leader.