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Literature / Warlock Series
aka: Warlock

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Andre Norton wrote three Science Fiction novels connected with the planet Warlock:
  • Storm Over Warlock: Shann Lantee is the sole survivor when Throgs attack. With Ragnar Thorvald, whose ship is shot down soon after, they must survive — and discover the secret race living on Warlock
  • Ordeal in Otherwhere: Charis Nordholm is brought to Warlock to deal with the matriarchial Wyverns
  • Forerunner Foray: Ziantha's discovery of a Forerunner artifact leads her to cross planets to find more, and she encounters a man who proves to be Shann and Charis's son.

Foray also opens on Tikil, the same world as her Catseye.

Tropes included:

Alternative Title(s): Storm Over Warlock, Ordeal In Otherwhere, Forerunner Foray, Warlock