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Literature / Vulgarity for the Masses

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Bold like a condom, baby...

What do a whale having sex with a chainsaw, a sheepskin exploding a cabin into a cosmic spacehole, a drug dealer working for Santa Claus, an abusive father reincarnating as infected hemorrhoid in his son victim's anus, a ghastly, murderous demon on a liberal bend, a two-headed man who switches heads with a Jesus-bashing woman with no head, an academic conspiracy to steal children and make them fight in a puppet war to somehow feed a giant snake circling the Earth and a dinner where you eat processed feces until a samurai tries to assassinate you in the bathroom only to get crushed by the toilet on his target's foot have in common?

Up until this book, nothing outside the diseased mind of an incarcerated psychopath. Now it has a book, and you might have to be a psychopath to fully appreciate it. It is almost 250 pages of black comedy, dark fantasy and surreal horror in an anthology format and it is definitely not for the young or the faint of heart. Fans of David Lynch, Satoshi Kon, William S. Burroughs and Gainax will find stuff to appreciate while others may find it difficult to read more than a few pages at a time.


Also interesting to note that the description on the back of the book has almost nothing to do with the stories inside, it itself is a short story providing a sort of frame of reference for the stories inside (as well as a source for the title).

It was written by J.S. Lawhead and published by Burning Bulb Publishing.

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