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"Those who are monsters already should see to it that they fight other monsters. If you and the abyss are going to be eye-fucking all day, you might as well exchange phone numbers."
Arkay, Forest of the Damned"

A horror/Urban Fantasy serial by JW Troemner set in the American Rust Belt, written to copy the episode/season format of TV shows like Supernatural and released as a serial of ebooks and later collected in print.

The first book follows Rosario Hernandez and her shapeshifting dragon Arkay (no, not that kind of dragon... okay maybe). If living on the streets of the American Rust Belt isn't enough, they manage to piss off a Necromancer.


Urban Dragon contains examples of:

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    Entire Series 

    Mark of the Dragon 
    Shadow and Steel 
    Dance with the Devil 
    Potnia Theron 
    Forest of the Damned 
    Crusader Non Grata 
    Remnants and Revenants 
    Beloved of the Dragon