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Cover of University Series #1, The Rain in España.


University Series is a sequence of stories written by author Gwy Saludes, also known by her pseudonym as 4reuminct. The series focuses on the stories of seven friends; Luna, Yanna, Sevi, Sam, Via, Arkin and Kierra's lives from their university days to the present day. The series' settings heavily focuses on their respective universities, which are the most prestigious and famous universities in the Philippines.

Currently, the series is still on-going but announcement of its publication, starting from University Series #1, The Rain in España, is announced earlier this year.

This series contains examples of:

  • Dark and Troubled Past: And not just one..
    • Samantha being pressured by her parents to pursue a career that she didn't want and being forced to marry Clyden for connections. Everything goes fine after her engagement not until her half-sister and the one who pushed her to become a model, Naomi, killed herself. She can't even grieve properly because she has to deal with her parents being insensitive and Clyden's parents putting an end to her engagement with their son. She still has to live with the guilt of not being there for her sister after some times have passed and she sacrificed her relationship with Clyden two times before they finally got together.
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    • Kierra being abused by her former boyfriend, Miguel, and Luna being absolutely horrified once she found out what Kierra is going through after numerous attempts of denying that nothing's wrong with her relationship with Miguel.
    • Elyse's father taking advantage of Sevi's mother and sexually harassing her, resulting in her getting pregnant because of it. This was one of the reasons why Sevi and Elyse decided to put a stop to their five-year relationship.
  • True Companions:
    • Luna, Yanna, Sevi, Kierra, Sam, Arkin and Via's friendship is often described as this. They have known each other for a long time (as seen in the flashback of fifth story, Golden Sunset of Tomorrow.) and have been together through thick and thin.
    • Kalix, Amethyst, Adonis and Leo have been together since their college years up to the present.
    • Clyden, Ridgen and Eva's friendship also applies this trope.

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