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Travis Shorts is a series of shorts revolving around a young secret agent and his insanely messed up life. Each short is posted on the-amazing-travis tumblr blog, which functions as a roleplay blog for the main character of the show. To see the episodes, click here. Careful though, they're sorted by latest to oldest.

  • Abduction Is Love: In "Jealousy", after finding out Travis is dating Delilah, he kidnaps Travis to try and force him to be with him.
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  • Amnesia Danger:
  • All Just a Dream: "Soulmate Search" ends like this.
  • Black Comedy: The series' main form of humor.
  • Black Comedy Rape : Done A LOT. Ironic since it's posted on Tumblr, a website known for hating rape jokes.
  • Cliffhanger: "New Hero" and "Annoying Advice" end like this.
  • Dreadful Musician: Justin Bieber is portrayed as this. His music has the ability to make people DEAF.
  • Season Finale: Season 1 ended with the two-parters "New Hero" and "Revenge". Season 3 ended with the two-parters "Annoying Advice" and "Wandering".
  • Whole Episode Flashback: Used in "Six Year Old Spy".
  • Dangerous 16th Birthday: In "Travis Turns Thirteen", Travis doesn't want to go to sleep because the next day will be his birthday, meaning he'll become a teenager. And he thinks that'll turn him into a idiot.


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