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Titan is a Super Hero novel written by E. A. Bruce and published in 2014.

The story follows Eric Steele, an Ordinary High-School Student trying to get by his senior year now that his best friend Jim has been shipped off to Military school. Little does Eric know, he has power. For ages, his family fought evil as the warrior Titan, until Titan disappeared years ago. When it resurfaces, a rogue faction of the military sets their sights on Eric and kidnaps Jim. Eric must embrace the responsibility thrust upon his shoulders or deny a destiny that wasn’t his in the first place.


This work contains examples of:

  • Big Bad: The Shadow Man
  • Big Bad Friend: Jim is brainwashed and turned against Eric.
  • Heroes Want Redheads: Eric's main love interest is a red haired girl.
  • In the Blood: Titan is an identity and set of powers passed down through Eric's family.
  • Jerkass: Eric has to deal with a lot of bullies at school.
  • Rage Breaking Point: One of Eric's bullies tries to pull this by constantly doing things to bother him until he boils over. He gets a backpack full of jelly doughnuts for his trouble.
  • Would Hurt a Child: Before Eric was born, the Shadow Man and his men mutilated his older sister when she was a newborn baby and stole some of Titan from her. They later use this on Jim to make him into a super villain.

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