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Literature / The Wolves of Time

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A duo of books written by William Horwood in 1995.

The story? Watership Down with wolves- okay no not really.

Long before the story begins, the god of wolves; Wulf broke one of the ultimate rules of the gods: never mate with mortals and he fell from godhood and was doomed to be reborn and die as a mortal for 1000 years - known to the wolves as the Dark Millennium. A huge war broke out in which wolves from all over the world fought to be the chosen ones to guard the Heartland, the middle of which lies the Wulfrock, the birthplace of Wulf. After much blood was shed a wise Bukovian wolf gathered a select few who would be known as the Wolves of Time, wolves who would wait until the day when they can guide Wulf to return him to godhood.

The first character introduced is Bukovian Tervicz who is the one who makes the call that summons the Wolves of Time, then comes Nordic Klimt, who becomes the alpha male, Italian Elhana, the alpha female, Spanish Aragon, French Lounel, and Russian Kobrin.


This book being about wolves there is quite a lot of violence. There is also a fair deal of swearing and even sex scenes (with wolves!). Not for kids.


  • Alpha Bitch: In the most literal sense of the phrase - one of these is the reason why Elhana left her pack.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: Several of the wolves but most notably Klimt who started a family too close to where humans lived and had his mate and puppies killed.
  • Humans Are the Real Monsters: Not all of them but this is how wolves generally view humans when they come across them. Especially the human who killed Klimt's family. He nailed one of the puppies to a tree so it would cry and flush out Klimt.


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