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Literature / The Vu

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The original cover art
An urban fantasy novel by Hannah Gordon which tells the story of Sabella Hall who is suffering from post traumatic amnesia. She lives a peaceful life until she starts to remember her physically abusive father and in short time discovers an amazing ability. This ability catches the attention of the leader of The Vu, a clan of people with gifts like her own. As she journeys using her gift, finding new love, experiencing betrayal, and remembering her past, she faces off against a shocking adversary.

  • Action Girl: Sabella Hall is defiantly this.
  • Dodge the Bullet: As part of Sabella's ability she can react and dodge projectiles fairly quickly.
  • Laser-Guided Amnesia: Sabella is suffering from post-traumatic induced amnesia.
  • Love Interests: Jonathan certainly seems this at points.
  • Mysterious Past: Sabella has one. Teagen apparently does too.
  • Secret Art: Sabella's power to move at hyper-speeds is a secret power amongst her clan.