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The Treasure is from the Anthologies of Ullord. It is a crossover story between Wyrmheart Village characters and characters from the Aubriss Druid Domain. It simultaneously follows Teika and Princess Brielle and the events of their days that lead them to meeting. It also gives back story to Brielle's knights and some of the other characters that inhabit Wyrmheart Village.

Teika's half follows her realizing her necklace was stolen and her venture to retrieve it from the thieves responsible. Brielle's half follows her daily activities as a druid whose job it is to protect the domain from invaders and harm.


  • Macguffin Title Of sorts. It hints at Teika's necklace being a beloved keepsake that means so much to her because it was a gift. Ciar also explains just why it is a treasure.
  • Save the Princess
    • Despite not being her knight, Ciar doesn't hesitate to stand between the strangers and Brielle.
    • Aike and Koa initially behave with this attitude when they rejoin Brielle and Ciar until Brielle calls them off.
  • They Do Anybody who has read Sacred Druid Blood knows that Ciar and Brielle end up a couple who have a child. Since this takes place earlier in their lives, the two of them still have shipping moments and incredibly obvious crushes. Also, if you have not read The Cloistered Sanctum Teika and Jiryu ending up together as well as Hadaas and Farval is a partial spoiler.
  • Two Man Army Aike and Koa are strong, fast and skilled with their weapons of choice. The two of them very much enjoy demolishing the army of thieves that had set up a camp on the druid domain.

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