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Literature / The Time Wanderers

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The Time Wanderers (original Russian title: "Волны гасят ветер", lit. "Waves Silence the Wind") is the tenth and unfortunately final novel by the Strugatsky Brothers to be set in the Noon Universe.

Events and characters from virtually all preceding Noon Universe novels come together as the 22nd century ends and the Wanderers' plot finally comes to fruition.

Unmarked spoilers ahead!

Tropes found in the novel:

LOGOVENKO: That varies. It's not as simple as you think. The most typical model of the Ludens' attitude toward man is the attitude of an experienced and very busy adult for a cute but terminally annoying kid. Then picture the relationship: Luden and his father, Luden and his best friend, Luden and his teacher...
"We are workers of COMCON-2. We are allowed to be called ignoramuses, mystics, and superstitious fools. There is one thing we are not allowed: to underestimate danger."