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Literature / The Society On Da Run

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Space Dragons....hell yeah! Can I have a cookie with that?'

Space Dragons...hell yeah! Can I have a cookie with that?
Mr. Karrucci.

The Society On Da Run (mostly abbreviated as TSODR) is a series of popular Science Fiction chapbooks by happy-go-lucky American writer L'Poni Baldwin, who also wrote La Cicala di Italia.

The stories and poems take place in a world inhabited by insectoid aliens, hybrid owls, alien faeries, android vampires, an empire of Space Dragons called Draconizica, and other supernatural anomalies. The chapbooks also includes their fair share of Mind Screw and complex plotlines.

A lot of stories are about the adventures of the seventeen eligible crown princes of the Antonin/Draconizica Empre. A great deal of stories cannot be unread. They stay in your subconscious for a very long time.

As for its title, this isn't a series about a hip hop society on da run. Its not about magical boys, either.


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