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The Shield of Liberty is an alternate history work published by Sakura_F on, and is a reboot of the timeline "The Land of Freedom". The premise has to do with a developing superpower on the African continent, under the British Empire's influence.

Tropes included are:

  • Action Girl: The boss-ass bitch herself, Lady Louisa "Ironborn" Stirling, a 30 year old schoolteacher turned soldier.
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  • Alternate Techline: Alluded to in the original TL and by the OP that many of the technological innovations of the original TL will still occur.
  • Black Boss Lady: President Kingsley of Rhodesia.
  • David vs. Goliath: The Commonwealth of Georgia vs. the British East India Company
  • Duel to the Death: Zebulon Pike and Shaka Zulu got into one of these during the Zulu War.
  • Deep South: Racist, pro-slavery organizations crop up in Columbia that would make even the most die-hard KKK member blush.
  • Divided States of America: George Washington is a bloody Loyalist and the Rebellion was Motivated to retain racism and slavery, so in 1836, there are two British dominions, Columbia and Vesperia.
  • Historical Hero Upgrade: Jefferson Davis is a virulent anti-racist who admires Andrew Jackson.
    • John C. Calhoun is one of Andrew Jackson's closest allies, and takes up the mantle of his political movement when Jackson is assassinated by agents of the Golden Cross Society right before the first Columbian election.
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    • Zebulon Pike rams a sword through Shaka Zulu.
    • Thomas-Alexandre Dumas
    • A certain mustachioed Austrian...
  • Ironic Name: Rhodesia, a liberal racially sensitive and democratic regime; compared to history's Rhodesia, which was a controversial racist state that was dismantled because of a race war between Africans and Whites.
  • The Klan: The Golden Cross Society, but worse.
  • Mighty Whitey: This timeline has been accused of following this trope; particularly with James Madison becoming the First President of Republican China, and the establishment of a British state in South Africa governed primarily by whites.
  • Richard Nixon, the Used Car Salesman: You see this often, just with different names!
  • The Anti-Christ: President Wilmer might as well be this guy.
  • The Revolution Will Not Be Civilized: Renauld Daniau and the French Revolution.
    • The Southern Rebellion
  • The Fundamentalist: The Christian Republic of Ardalmi'ad.
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  • Weak, but Skilled: The Rhodesian Army compared to the Georgians at the start of the Patriotic War.

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