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The Point is a Superhero/Science fiction novel written by the Author John Dixon.

Some of Dixon's other works include Phoenix Island and Devils Pocket, which won back-to-back Bram Stroker awards and inspired the CBS TV Series , Intelligence.

The Point follows Scarlett Winter, a rebellious outsider and trouble maker who discovers that she has special powers. She is then recruited by an old friend of her father, Colonel Oscar Rhodes, to West Point Academy. From there she is sent to "The Point", the underground section of the academy specifically for training Posthumans. Beings with extraordinary powers from Type 1: who possess incredible strength, Type 2: Telekinetics, and Type 3: miscellaneous powers such as dream walking and energy manipulation.


Scarlett is forced to train under strict and inhumane conditions, putting up with Drill Sergeant Nasty Lopez, obnoxious bully Hopkins, sociopathic Somnophath Dalia, and threat of being sent to "The Farm" or "The Chamber" for disobeying orders.

They made her a weapon. She chose to be a hero. Recruited by a secret a secret West Point unit for cadets with extraordinary abilities, Scarlett Winter has the power to control pure energy. She’s a human nuclear bomb–and she’s not sure she can control her powers much longer.

New Cadets, society is not ready for you.
The oldest, fiercest fear is ignorance.
The general population would burn you at the metaphorical stake.
Here, you will train alongside other posthumans.
You will learn to control and maximize your powers and use them for the greater good.
You will discover camaraderie and purpose.
You will become a part of something bigger than yourselves:
the Long Gray Line.
-Colonel Rhodes speech to the new recruits.

This book exhibits the following tropes:

  • Abusive Parents: As a result of the gas that affected Rhodes and his crew, and experimental treatment, the former soldiers who would go on to father the post-humans all experienced mental issues. In many cases resulting in abusive treatment of those close to them.
    • Scarlets father became rather irritable and would hit her brother. Though she was never beat by him she did hold some resentment. But she later comes to realize that for all her fathers faults he does genuinely love his family and that he made conscious effort to repress his worse urges for their sake. At the end he and Scarlett are on good terms.
      • Scarlett's brother, who was beat by their father, would get angry and hit Scarlett when they were younger because she was constantly letting the family down.
    • Scarletts love interest Kyeong had a father who was so messed up from the experience that he eventually murdered his whole family and had to be killed by him.
  • A Father to His Men: Subverted with Colonel Rhodes. He tells Scarlett that in a way he considers the post-humans at the Point his children since he gave the order which resulted in most of his men, including Scarlett's father, being affected by a gas, then gave them experimental therapy which resulted in their offspring developing powers. But it is obvious that he sees them more as weapons than people and will not hesitate to subject them to inhuman torture to get them to comply.
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  • All Your Powers Combined: The villain Antonio Jagger. Though his main power is understanding peoples feelings and giving off an aura of likability so that people naturally listen to him and does what he wants. he later discovers that if he "understands" a person well enough he can replicate their powers. However he can only use one set at a time and when he does it drains him, which is why he goes after Scarlett.
  • Disproportionate Retribution:
    • Breaking some of the rules at the point will result in the recruits being sent to the Chamber to be tortured, or the Farm a Lotus-Eater Machine facility.
    • One time a guy pretended to like Dalia and had sex with her, which he recorded and put on a pron site to embarrass her. Dalia's response was to give him terrible nightmares every night for the rest of his life until he committed suicide.
  • Drill Sergeant Nasty: Lopez, his first words to the new cadets is telling them that they dont belong here and that they are not "real" Point members since they just got in for having posthuman powers. He even helps torture Scarlett to determine what her power is when she isnt classified as either a telekinetic or having super strength.
  • Energy Absorption: This is Scarletts power, she can absorb heat, kinetic energy, sound waves, electricity, etc.
  • Jerkass: Hopkins, a telekinetic who harasses Scarlett for a while after defending Kyeong.
    • Some of the "normal" guards at the Point dont seem to like the posthumans either and enjoy harassing them.
  • Lack of Empathy: Dalia due to growing up mercilessly bullied by others in her community for her Egyptian heritage and eventually having her heart ripped out by a jerk. She happily follows Rhodes orders to use her abilities to torture others and is described by Scarlett as hating everyone at the Point. Jeagar is described as sympathy without empathy, he understands peoples emotions and feelings but he doesnt care, during his time at the Point he used his abilities to make the people of a village kill each other for his own amusement.
  • Loser Protagonist: Scarlett Winter starts out that way. When we first see her she is skipping out on her own graduation ceremony for drugs and sex. She has no ambition for the future and has never done more than the bare minimum in life to get by. This changes later on after being forced to join the Point specifically after her brothers death.
  • Lonely at the Top: For all of Dalia's adherence to have close relationships and make friends she does admit being lonely and the first thing she thinks when meeting another somnopath is that they could be a potential friend. Before reminding herself that friends are stupid...
  • My Greatest Failure: Scarlett deeply regrets the fight she had with her brother. Specifically that now she can never patch things up with him since he's dead.
  • The Sociopath: Several actually.
    • The main villain Antonio Jagger. His entire plan is to mesmerize the president of the united states so that he can do whatever he wants. He is described by Rhodes as having Empathy without sympathy and uses his powers to kill people both to further his goals and personal enjoyment.
    • Dalia. A somnopath in Scarlett's division. Scarlett describes her as hating everyone at the Point and being merciless. She openly describes herself as the Alpha Bitch and enjoys flaunting her connection to Rhodes and abilities over others. Mercilessly using them on those that displease her.
    • Rhodes also qualifies for his treatment of handling the Post-humans.
  • Would Hit a Girl: Hopkins and his group of Telekinetics use their powers to beat Scarlett nightly after she stands up to them for her future love interest Kyeong. They back off once she unleashes her powers on them.


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