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Literature / The Melissa Allen Trilogy

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Melissa Allen with Mister Bat
''I live by the clock, I survive by the pills.”
Melissa Allen, Never Let Me Sleep

  • Never Let Me Sleep: Melissa Allen, a fourteen-year-old, paranoid schizophrenic, wakes up to find the entirety of her town has died in their sleep. When she’s contacted by Homeland Security thanks to her malfunctioning ankle monitor, they tell her that she is the only person they know of who is still alive within the “South Dakota Quarantine Zone” and that they desperately need her help to find out what’s going on. Worse than that, she’s not alone. Something, provided they’re not just hallucinations, is hunting her.

  • Never Let Me Leave: After the events of the previous book, Melissa is "invited" to PAR Lab, so she and other survivors like her can be studied. But shortly after her arrival, things go horribly wrong when an alien is released from its cell and access to the outside world is cut off. Now, Melissa and her new friends must escape from the lab before the enemy can kill or infect them all.

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  • Never Let Me Die:

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