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Literature / The Last Runaway

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'The Last Runaway' is a novel by Tracey Chevalier, telling the story of Quaker woman Honor Bright, who goes to America in search of adventure, and eventually finds herself helping the Underground Railroad.

Provides Examples Of:

  • All Girls Want Bad Boys: Donovan is the bad boy that Honor has some feelings for...except he's not exactly ideal considering he's a slave-catcher, making him a foil to Honor and her principles.

  • An Immigrant's Tale

  • Cool Old Lady

  • Culture Shock

  • Died in Your Arms Tonight: Donovan dies in Honor's arms after being shot.

  • Fish out of Water: Honor Bright is a demure, British and religious young woman thrown into the informality and new-ness of 1850s Ohio. It doesn't help that Donovan pokes fun at this frequently.

  • I Can Change My Beloved: Sort of. Honor frequently notes that Donovan would be an ideal match for her as long as he didn't partake in the racist and actually terrible trade of slave-catching. Donovan actually understands this and offers to change, but Honor goes onto to marry Jack Haymaker instead.

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  • The American Dream

  • Unresolved Sexual Tension between Donovan and Honor.

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