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Literature / The Harbinger

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The Harbinger is a self-proclaimed prophetic book. Though written in a narrative style using fictional characters, the book scrutinizes real events that happened during and after 911, tying them in to biblical symbolism and prophecy, affirming the authors belief that certain doom is coming to America unless the nation repents of its evil.

Contains examples off:

  • Angel Unaware / Maybe Magic, Maybe Mundane: We are never given the identity of the prophet, though his habits of mysteriously disappearing and appearing and knowing too much seem to hint at something supernatural about him.
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  • Based on a True Story / Truth in Television: While the seals and characters are not real, the events described in the book such as the downing of the sycamore tree and the speeches given by the various politicians really happened. The reason the book was written that way was because the author felt it would appeal to more people.
  • God Is Good
  • Meaningful Name: Nouriel discovers there is more to his name than he realized.
  • No Name Given: The prophet.
  • Psychic Dreams for Everyone: Nouriel gets one somewhat later in the book.
  • Stealth Hi/Bye

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