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The Faith by Amanda Tilbrook is the story of Victoria, a 17 year old girl, who converts to a strange polygamistic religion known only as "The Faith." She, along with her best friend Luca, joins the Trevelyon Union, gaining 4 husbands and 5 wives in the process. As it is a book series about Polygamy, there are Loads and Loads of Characters, especially as the series progresses. Much of the drama of the series comes from the varying motives for the members of the union joining, ranging from love to friendship to religious belief. Conflict also arises between members of The Faith (or Faithful as they like to be known) and the rest of the world (known as the faithless), due to the secrecy and strangeness of the religion. Big Love meets Jane Austen meets A Song of Ice and Fire. Currently only available on Kindle as a digital copy.


The Faith provides examples of the following tropes:

  • Anti-Hero: The majority of the characters are somewhere on the Scale.
  • Anyone Can Die: Especially as the series advances and more characters are introduced.
  • Arranged Marriage: Subverted, as the only characters forced into the union are more forced out of general lack of options than actual coercion.
  • Loads and Loads of Characters: Can be off putting at first, especially for a Romance Novel, but worth it once you get into the story.
  • Mother Nature: What the Faithful appear to worship.
  • One True Love: Averted as the Faithful believe that in order to nourish the soul, a person requires multiple partners of both genders.
  • Scary Amoral Religion: How outsiders see the Faithful due to their strange beliefs and how inversely the Faith sees the Faithless due to the belief that people drifted away from the Faith, the original religion.


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