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Literature / The Epitome Of Love: An ABDL Novella

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Robin Bailey was a very normal eighteen year old. Great student, geeky bookworm, funny guy and smart. His parents and younger sister always showered him with support and love. Truth was, he held a secret. He liked to wear diapers and desired to be a baby. He always felt very bad about that, even when he knew he wasn't the only one. The idea of being a baby was so strong, it was part of him. One he kept hidden. Carter Blake was Robin's best friend, a popular swimmer with godly looks but a golden heart. Loyal to the end, Carter knew the person he loved most was Robin, they were like brothers. However, towards Graduation, he can't keep pretending he doesn't notice Robin acting weird, down, as if he's keeping a secret. Little do either of them know that a little slip will throw them both, and their families, into a new way of life.


The Epitome Of Love: An ABDL Novella is a novella written and independently published by Henry Lyra.

This work provides examples of:

  • Gayngst: For a period in his life, Robin felt insecure about his bisexuality and tried to hide it before Carter encourage him to come out. His desire to be treated like a baby is portrayed as oddly similar to a coming-out story.
  • Heterosexual Life-Partners: While Robin himself is bisexual, he and Carter are just close friends. Considering how touchy-feely they can be, one could very easily confuse them for boyfriends, something they lampshade more than once.
  • Incompatible Orientation: It is strongly implied that Robin is attracted to Carter. Since Carter is straight, they settle for a friendship bordering on "like brothers" relationship.
  • Manchild: Invoked. Carter has non-sexual paraphilic infantalism, meaning he has the desire to be babied.
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  • Sensitive Guy and Manly Man: Robin is the "Sensitive Guy" and Carter is the "Manly Man." Robin is introverted, likes reading, bisexual and has a desire to be cared for as a baby. Carter is extroverted, prefers competitive swimming, is straight and considers himself a "big-brother" to Robin.


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