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Literature / The Early Asimov

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First published in 1972 by Isaac Asimov, with the help of Doubleday publishing company. Dr Asimov's second Biography, this Anthology focuses on his first eleven years of professional publication, and is dedicated to the recently deceased John W. Campbell.

Beginning with a justification for writing this collection when he already has ten others from the same time period, Dr Asimov explains how Panther and Doubleday persuaded him to select additional stories and to write a short personal history related to each of them. Convinced of the idea, Dr Asimov shares thoughts from his diary, and sketches out a history of publication, from the first time he published a story ("Little Brothers", for Boys High School) in 1934 and the first story he wrote for professional publication ("The Callistan Menace", rejected half a dozen times before being published by Astonishing Stories) in 1940, to the last short fiction stories he wrote before publishing novels and moving to Boston in 1949, and the way it felt when Campbell died in 1971.

Interspersed between the stories reprinted for this collection, Dr Asimov shares anecdotes of meetings, letters he received from editors, and other events that affected his ability to write. The varying influences on his work, including the various Science Fiction authors and publishers, are all talked about here. Because of the (roughly) 550 pages, this story has been Divided for Publication in two different ways; split into two books or three volumes.

The Early Asimov republishes the following works:

The Early Asimov provides examples of: