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Literature / The Dungeon Calls For A Sage

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The Dungeon Calls for a Sage is a litRPG Web Serial Novel available here.

An ancient Dungeon is dying, its Final Boss defeated, its Dungeon Core chamber about to be breached by adventurers.In spite, it self-destructs the Dungeon.And as it dies, it wonders:What was the point of it all?

Then it gets the option to reincarnate - a chance it eagerly grasps. To be a living creature, able to see the surface world, to have a meaningful impact on the world, to -


Nope. Reincarnated as a Dungeon. Again.

In another fantasy world, with new fantasy races, a first-level Dungeon gains awareness...A Dungeon with serious existential issues.

Who can answer the Dungeons questions, solve its dilemmas? Adventurers aren't known for their philosophical acumen. And those are the ones who flock to a Dungeon, to bash monsters with swords, to get better swords, to bash bigger monsters.

At least... unless the Dungeon is full of fiendish puzzles only Sages and wise men could solve...


The Dungeon Calls for a Sage contains examples of:

  • A Dungeon Is You - the protagonist. Again.
  • New Game+ - Archimedes still has the Dungeon know-how of a millennia-old Dungeon, and knows all the tricks for growing a Dungeon as fast as possible. This also makes it easy to "invent" new Dungeon features.
  • Anal Probing - turns out, the Survey spell that maps out a Dungeon's passages - a literal cavity search - is basically this for a sensitive Dungeon. Archimedes has an entire arc dealing with the trauma and its repercussions.

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