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Literature / The Dragon Wars Saga

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The Dragon Wars Saga is a young adult fantasy Web Serial Novel in which three British teenagers are dragged into another world to be warriors in its millenia-long conflict with dragons.

Weird events have beset the Stevens' quadruplets since infancy, but nothing can prepare them for the day they open their door and find another world outside. A world inhabited by intelligent mythical creatures, most of whom are hostile to humanity. And it seems they are expected to save it from disaster. Even with the help of their bonded ‘heart friends’ can they save both this strange, new world and Earth when the people they are trying to help want to kill them?

This work contains examples of:

  • Bond Creatures - Some Speakers form a bond with some magically powered humans before birth. The Speaker's power is limited and they are forced into resting form when the human is not with them, however they are stronger then typical Speakers when their human is with them.
  • Our Gryphons Are Different like most of the mythical creatures of the other world they come in a variety of elemental affinities. Kimi, Andrew's heart friend is an ice gryphon who looks like a mix of snow leopard and white eagle.
  • The Title Saga: "The Dragon Wars Saga"
  • Translator Microbes Humans and the inhabitants of the other world understand each other most of the time, despite all speaking in their own language.
  • Unicorn : They come in many elemental affinities but they are all Living Lie Detectors who Cannot Tell a Lie, and are often invited to discussions and negotiations between parties who don't trust each other's honestly for that reason. Daniel's heart friend, Ebona is a shadow unicorn (a unicorn with the dark affinity).