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Literature / The Cult of the Great Duckieness

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The Cult of the Great Duckieness is a peculiar piece of writing that can be found here.

It is about two sibling deities who fight for control of the universe, and the insanity that results.

  • Alien Invasion: The Spambot invasion from this story's closest equivalent to an Alternate Universe .
  • Alternate Universe: Cantavanda/Death created one in oder to wage war on the world.
    • Subverted by the fact that because it was created like that, it shares no history with the regular world.
  • Always Need What You Gave Up: The Great Duck slowly has everyone remove the laws restricting the use of magic in order to combat Cantavanda/Death
    • Partially subverted as Cantavanda/Death ended up being the only one to use said magic.
  • Big Bad: There are many of them...
    • The Mighty Pickle was a sibling god that wished to destroy the world simply because it was too noisy.
      • Subverted as it was revealed that it was all planned as a weird game.
    • Typhon was also one for a good chunk of the story.
    • Cantavanda/Death also became a major threat.
      • Death was revealed to be a virus of some form or another ultimately making his creator(s) the true villain(s) of that scenario.
  • Blob Monster: Typhon takes this to a bit of an extreme. Being made primarily of disease, his body is amorphous, but on the other hand, he picked up other parts along the way such as skin and bone. He also took advantage of disease's general ability to grow quickly, turning into a giant when appearing in his disease-like form.
  • Cain and Abel: the Mighty Pickle and Great Duck portray these roles.
  • Chekhov's Gun: Insert Name Here's name (Drake) literally means duck if you look it up in the dictionary. It turned out that the Great Duck was the real world version of him.
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  • Evil Twin: Insert Name Here and Typhon.
  • Heroic BSoD: Lukasmah goes insane after Lawsome is assimilated and turns into a godzilla-sized monster.
  • La Résistance: The Spambots after they invade.
  • President Evil: Typhon was president of Yoyoland for some time as well as The Mighty Pickle himself later on.
  • Stable Time Loop: Insert Name Here finds the cult disbanded. He tries to go back in time and stop the disbandment. He winds up in Atlantis instead, accidentally releasing an entity existing outside of time known as Typhon. Barely escaping Typhon smashing the island to bits from sheer weight, he eventually manages to make it back to the future. He then realizes he has to send himself back so that Atlantis will (accidentally) be destroyed.
    • It was revealed later on that the time loop was a jury-rigged attempt to destroy Atlantis after Cantavanda/Death stopped whatever originally destroyed it.
  • The Reveal: Where do we start?
    • Typhon was hiding as Mordred, Mike Dailly, and later the Mighty Pickle after swapping bodies with him.
    • Morgan La Fey secretly possessing Nocturne and Moogle.
    • The Game (a popular video game floating around) was a mind control device used to help the spambots invade.
    • Cantavanda was leader of the spambots and also possessed/replaced by a computer virus.
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    • After releasing all the seals on magic, Insert Name Here discovers the nature of the world. Oh and guess who the Great /Duck/ was.
  • Twin Desynch: Insert Name Here took the short route home while Typhon took the long several thousand year route.
  • Willfully Weak: The Great Duck imposed laws limiting the use of magic after its abuse caused massive destruction.


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