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Literature / The Crystalline Archipelago Zero Hour

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The Crystalline Archipelago Zero Hour is the second book in the series. Immediately following the events of The Crystalline Archipelago Sordid Nexus, Zero Hour continues with the story of oppression and war and how the individuals involved are affected by the adversity.

Tropes Associated with Zero Hour

  • Ambiguously Bi Many of the characters who have or are saol garda.
  • Aristocrats Are Evil Many of the nobles on both sides of the conflict embody this from time to time. They show disregard for others and a lack of consideration at the very least.
  • Band of Brothers The rebellion army.
  • Blue and Orange Morality This continues to be a recurring mindset of a lot of characters.
  • Color-Coded for Your Convenience The gemstones of the archipelago.
  • Continuity Nod Rythis exists in this work and he is a main character in another series.
  • Courtly Love This is the expectation with the saol garda regardless of gender, sexual orientation and so on and so forth. Except nobody gets mad if their relationship deepens.
  • Fantastic Racism Both sides are guilty of this.
  • Functional Magic The gemstones Hijir children have are this with defined abilities based on their colors.
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  • Plot Armor Subverted. The characters may seem to have this, but, in fact, many of them sustain real, lasting injuries and are affected by fatigue and psychologically changed by war.
  • Rape Is a Special Kind of Evil
  • Royally Screwed Up Basically, any royal family member or noble for that matter.
  • Shiptease The saol garda and their undying, unquestioning love for their charge, during combat rescues, some and characters practically Flirting Under Fire allow for plenty of opportunities.
  • Thicker Than Water This goes hand in hand with Band of Brothers. The characters see their allegiances with one another as a deep, nearly unbreakable bond.
  • War is Glorious This is how the sama see war and conflict in general. It is among their dogma and is taught to their youth.
  • War is Hell Shown throughout with the consequences to particular characters. This includes PTSD, the gap between the characters' intended future and how their lives were changed by the events of the war.
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  • Walking Spoiler Arguably, the second book's existence spoils the events of the first book. In story, about half of the main cast are walking spoilers given the very last scene in Sorid Nexus.

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