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The Confederacy is a Timeline written by the member ADS94 and available here.

The POD is a Confederate victory in Antietam, resulting in an independent Confederate States of America.

Once there the North see the dissolution of the Republican party, blamed for the disaster, while the South deals with the economic and social aftermaths of the war.

This TL is written in the form of a history book from a British historian and is thoroughly researched; it describes the developments in the Confederacy.


This work contains the following tropes:

  • The Alcoholic: Confederate President Toombs became more and more alcoholic as his attempts to increase executive powers were stalled by Radicals and Fire-Eaters.
  • Allohistorical Allusion:
    • The Democratic Party opposes Reconstructionnote 
  • "Ass" in Ambassador: After Maximilian of Mexico call for help to Richmond, Secretary of State Dewitt Giddings replied:
    A most unfortunate situation you’re in
  • Be Careful What You Wish For: A thought movement in the South, which included even President Davis, expresses how independence brought loneliness to the South.
  • The City vs. the Country:
    • Confederate cities, which, thanks to immigration, were more liberal, were disenfranchised by the wealth-based voting system and the gerrymandering.
  • Civil War:
    • American Civil War
    • The troubles under McClellan presidency with the secession of New England, California and the Border States over civil rights for Blacks.
    • The Confederate Revolution.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: the War of Southern Aggression.
  • The Coroner Doth Protest Too Much: There are Conspiracy Theories about how Benito Juarez was executed on direct orders from Richmont, basing on the fact Fire-Eaters wanted to expand into Mexico and implement slavery there.
  • Deep South: They are independent now.
  • Divided States of America:
    • The Confederate States stays independent.
    • New England secedes after President McClellan wavers at enforcing civil rights for freed slaves, before new President Charles F. Adams manages to negotiate amnesty and civil rights.
    • This is even worse during the Retcon.
    • In the South, some Confederate governors threatened secession after some policies they opposed were considered or adopted.
  • The Exile:
    • After one of his sons was lynched by the Night Riders, General James Longstreet, founder fo the Free Republican party, ended up dying in exile in the Connecticut.
    • The Anti-Slavery Society leadership had to leave the Confederacy.
  • False Flag Attack: Confederate bombing of a Union ship in order to make it seem like an Union aggression and gather the Southern society around a war.
  • Fictional Document: Most of the documents quoted in this TL were created by the author. This TL itself is a Fictional Document.
  • Hoist by His Own Petard:
    • The “Giddings telegram” results in colder relations between the Mexican Empire and the Confederacy.
    • The War of Southern Agression, started in order to reduce the unpopularity of the Planter elite by Patriotic Fervor, results in a revolution against the Planter elite.
  • Injun Country: The Indian Territory is a swath of Confederate territory where the Indians are left to their own devices at last until parts are traded to Whites to make more slave plantations.
  • The Klan: Nathan Bedford Forrest's "Night Riders" terrorize pro-Union sympathisers, abolitionists, slaves and uppity Blacks.
  • Last Stand: Union troops attempt one in the New Orleans before hunger take its course.
  • Made a Slave:
    • What happen to any free Negro who stays in any Confederate state having "Rivers laws."
    • After the War of Southern Aggression, Confederate authorities decided to reenslave all former Black slaves who have been freed by the Union administration on occupied territories of Virginia.
  • Mega-Corp: Georgia Mississippi Railway Company is the greatest railway company in the Confederacy.
  • Peace Conference: the treaty of Ottawa, signed on September 1st, 1865, end the "War Between the States" and has the following clauses:
    • West Virginia, Kentucky, Maryland, Missouri, and northern New Mexico remain in the US, but the Indian Territory and Southern Arizona remain Confederate.
    • The Confederate States was also forced to pay, in 1861 Dollars, the price of all United States property seized in the new nation.
    • No guerilla troops were to be sent to the North.
  • Missing Episode: All of the updates disappeared from the thread sometime between 2016 and 2019.
  • The Remnant: While the Treaty of Ottawa was signed on September 1st, 1865, Union troops kept fighting in New Orleans until September 16th.
  • Ridiculous Exchange Rates:
    • The Confederate dollar, as OTL, suffers from this: inflation rate was to three hundred per cent on 1866, and this was after a currency reform.
    • During the Revolution, Confederate dollar has its value halved, meaning a 100% inflation.
  • Shown Their Work: The author said it took him half a decade to work on this timeline!
  • Slave Liberation: After Pryor v. Virginia stripped Virginia free Negroes from their citizenship, Blacks, both free and enslaved, with the help of sympathetic Whites, start to organise themselves for a rebellion in groups such as the Free Knights of New Africa.
  • There Is No Higher Court: Until the Judiciary Act of 1871, Confederacy hadn't any Confederate Supreme Court: rulings could only be appealed to the circuit level, and that's it.
  • Vigilante Execution:
    • After industrial slaves in Lynchburg, Virginia strike against the removal of an abolitionist Free Republican Mayor, Night Riders and policemen lynched fifty-five slaves and seventeen Free Republicans, among them the ousted Mayor.
    • The 1880's depression made the number of lynchings raise because of job competition from slaves.
  • What Measure Is a Non-Human?: The "River Laws" defines slaves to be nothing more than mere property and consequently, per Word of God, some of the more extreme Mississippi plantation simply murder any misbehaving slaves.

In addition of the previous tropes, the TL before the Retcon had the following:

Before the Retcon, The United States ended up divided into oblivion after the War Between the States into Laurentia, Pacific States, Columbia, or New England, as indicated here by the author.

  • Divided States of America:
    • Brigham Young proclaimed the independence of Deseret.
    • During the 1866-1876 crisis, Oregon, California, Washington and Nevada secede as the Pacific States of America.
    • Likewise, the Republic of Laurentia and the unitary Republic of Columbia emerge as States out of the former United States, and New England even becomes a British dominion.
  • There Is No Higher Court: Per Word of God, The United States post-new constitution has no Supreme Court: the Congress has the task to harmonise the precedents between districts.