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Literature / The Britwank Empire

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"Stop the revolution, save the world."

Written by AnalyticalEngine the Britwank Empire is one of a series of alternate history timelines in the so-called "Strangerverse", and hosted on

The basic premise is that a time traveller from the future has gone back in time to 1772, and gives William Pitt the Elder a mission - Unite the world to save the world under the British Empire and prevent the apocalyptic war from happening in 2258.


It can be read here.

Now has a sequel, in which there is a crossover with Stargate. Read it here.

Historical characters who appear or are referenced in the timeline:

Provides examples of:

  • Multinational Team: Hiring foreign mercinaries was commonplace during the 18th and early 19th Century.
  • One World Order: The eventual goal of the the Order of Albion is to unite the world under the British Empire and its close allies. All this is meant to prevent the Stranger's future from coming to pass and bring humanity to a new golden age. By the sequel, it's revealed that the plan succeeded through the Imperial Commonwealth of Nations.