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Literature / The Boogie Woogie Bears

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The Boogie Woogie Bears is a children's book series about a family of wacky bears who love music. It was published by Warner Juvenile Book and is by Robert Kraus. Books in he series are:

  • The Boogie Woogie Bears's Picnic (1990)
  • The Boogie Woogie Bears Go Back To Nature (1990)

This book provides examples of:

  • Beary Friendly: The entire family is made up of friendly bears.
  • Beary Funny: The family of bears always get into some sort of humorous situations.
  • City Slicker: The family's declared as such in The Boogie Woogie Bears Go Back To Nature.
  • Furry Comic: Surprisingly yes, for despite being a book all of the illustrations are made like one page comics.
  • The Hilarity of Hats: The moose Tangletooth wears two hats, one on each antler.
  • Moose Are Idiots: Averted; though the moose Tangletooth may look it he really doesn't do anything idiotic.
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  • Mosquito Miscreants: Seen attacking the family in their new home in The Boogie Woogie Bears Go Back To Nature.
  • Rolling Pin of Doom: The Mama bear uses one against the mosquitoes mention above in The Boogie Woogie Bears Go Back To Nature.
  • Speech Bubbles: Used quite liberally since not only do the Boogie Woogie bears use them so do the animals, plants, car and even food.