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Literature / The Barber

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The Barber is a series of story about a Little Barber Shop That Wasn't There Yesterday which changes his customers... literally.

The series starts here.

This series shows examples of:

  • Asian Like Me: Return Of The Barber Part 1.
  • Black Like Me: Like Son, Like Fathers, Return Of The Barber Part 3.
  • Fountain of Youth: Men From Boys, Boy From Man is just one of the examples. Subverted in, among others, Return Of The Barber Part 2: Fanboys where the transformation makes the character actually older.
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  • Gender Bender: All the women that enter the Barber Shop leave as guys.
  • Not Himself: The haircut makes the clients into completely new people.
  • White Like Me: Return Of The Barber Part 5: Bowling For Brawlers.


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