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Literature / The Banned and the Banished

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The Banned and the Banished is a Heroic Fantasy Epic by James Clemens. It fits most of the classic fantasy tropes. A land under the control of an Evil Overlord, The Prophecy of a hero to free them from his cruel boot, a journey to be undertaken, a band of other heroes to support them, many initially antagonistic towards each other or with their own agendas.

The series runs for five books, each of which is presented as a separate scroll shown to students living a millennium after the events of the books. One of the characters in the story is the narrator, but their identity is not revealed until the finale.

As can be seen from the author's own description "Born during the 'black age' of Alasea, a young girl will discover an ancient magick and awaken a slumbering evil. With a fist stained in blood magicks, she will fight to free her lands from the demonic overlords and release her people from five centuries of darkness." it's fairly troperific stuff.

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