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''Diamonds and Deals are currency, and the devil is in the details."

The Voice in His Head is the first entry in a new adult urban fantasy novel series, written by Justin L. Dew. This is Dew's first published work. This take on the genre also really, really dark, considering the protagonist is ten when the book begins.

It is 1925. The First World War has ended, and a second one looms on the horizon.

Even as an orphan, Stephen always knew he was different, the Voice in his head told him so. When Stephen is adopted by the mysterious Bethany Andrews, he is thrust into a magical world that coexists alongside the mundane world. After his adoption ritual, he utters a prophecy.

The lowborn children shall come, winter will guide them. The children of space and time will hide them. The queen of summer will find them, and the golden kingdom will bind them.

Stephen must discover the meaning of this prophecy, and survive the dangerous world he finds himself in.

The Voice in His Head is complete and available through Amazon[1] and Audible[2]. The writer is also posting chapters weekly at Spacebattles[3] and on Reddit[4].

This novel provides examples of: