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Would you like some Oolong to go with your detective story?

"Well," said Theodosia, ticking off her obligations on her fingers, "I'm supposed to take Earl Grey to the O'Doud Senior Citizen Home tonight, attend a gallery opening with Delaine tomorrow night, and Wednesday is the big anniversary party at The Featherbed House, which, of course, we're all invited to. And now we're taping all day Thursday, and Saturday is Delaine's big Fashion Bash at the Garden Gate Resturant. Trust me, I know Delaine's going to try to rope me in on something."
"You forgot one thing," said Haley, squinting at her.
"What's that?" asked Theodosia.
"You have to figure out who killed Harper Fisk."
The English Breakfast Murder

In the historic district of Charleston, South Carolina, there is a shop called the Indigo Tea Shop. This shop is owned by one Theodosia Browning, a middle-aged woman who used to work in the hectic business of marketing. Compared to her last job, Theodosia much prefers the calm and steady pace that running a tea shop provides. This tranquility is threatened when Hughes Barron, a famous (some might say infamous) real estate developer is killed during the annual Lamplighter Tour. To make matters worse, Barron seems to have been poisoned via the tea Theodosia's shop happened to be serving that night. With the Indigo Tea Shop and her own reputation on the line, Theodosia must find out the true murderer before her beloved shop suffers.


The Tea Shop Mysteries is a Cozy Mystery series written by Laura Childs. The series started in 2001 with Death by Darjeeling; new entries are published at least once per year.

    The Series in Chronological Order 
  1. Death by Darjeeling (2001)
  2. Gunpowder Green (2002)
  3. Shades of Earl Grey (2003)
  4. The English Breakfast Murder (2003)
  5. The Jasmine Moon Murder (2004)
  6. Chamomile Mourning (2005)
  7. Blood Orange Brewing (2006)
  8. Dragonwell Dead (2007)
  9. The Silver Needle Murder (2008)
  10. Oolong Dead (2009)
  11. The Teaberry Strangler (2010)
  12. Scones & Bones (2011)
  13. Agony of the Leaves(2012)
  14. Sweet Tea Revenge (2013)
  15. Steeped in Evil (2014)
  16. Ming Tea Murder (2015)
  17. Devonshire Scream (2016)
  18. Pekoe Most Poison (2017)
  19. Plum Tea Crazy (2018)
  20. Broken Bone China (2019)
  21. Lavender Blue Murder (2020)

The Tea Shop Mysteries contains examples of:

  • Accidental Murder: The groom in Shades of Earl Grey was an unfortunate victim of a glass shard when a cat burglar broke into the greenhouse.
  • Clear My Name: Theodosia has to clear the name of the Indigo Tea Shop after one of the teas serves apparently kills a wealthy businessman.
  • Cozy Mystery: A typical example of the genre.
  • Tampering with Food and Drink: Hughes Barron- the victim in Death by Darjeeling- is killed when the murderer slips poison in his tea.


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