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Literature / Tales of Blood and Darkness

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The city of Aden has seen better days.

Once it was the thriving capital city of a flourishing country. Now it's been conquered by an insane tyrant and his army of demonic-forces known as "Guards". And with the Tyrant's mutterings of an empire, things look set to get worse.

Thankfully though, all is not lost. There are some who wish to overthrow the evil usurper, who wish to bring order back from the chaos. They are the resistance forces, the Snarling Beast, Dragon's Eye and Golden Wing, led by Ardolph (something of a warrior who is bad at keeping secrets), Mira (a more subtle and sly woman who focuses on information gathering rather than brutish assaults), and GP, the hero of this book. GP's got something of a history with the Tyrant (them being twin brothers and all), and with the help of Tom, his second-in-command and the co-ordinator of the Golden Wing's efforts; and Sam, the older brother of Tom, gadgeteer and the one in charge of financing the resistance; with no mention of Emily (formerly Amelia, the main medic of the team), GP is trying to either save or finish off his brother, who looks to be beyond help at this point.


Oh yes, did I mention that GP and the Tyrant are the last two artificial angels descended from an experiment 2000 years ago?

Needless to say, this is somewhat troperiffic, and not a little cliched. However, I try to keep it fun, with a few big old battles here and there too.

It's part of a trilogy, and that's part of a much, much bigger universe. So Yeah... Can be found here (updated in parts, much more frequently) and here (in full chapters, uploaded once they're complete).


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