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The Story of A Party, or by its initials SoaP, is an Alternate History story by user Ares 96. Unlike many other Civil War timelines, this one has the story start 4 years previous, in the 1856 election, with the POD of Republican John C. Fremont elected over real life winner and Democratic challenger James Buchanan. What follows is a slowly diverging war, diverging American borders, and a very different world stage by (the unreleased as of now) Act IV.



  • Allohistorical Allusion: Word of God says lots will be coming soon.
  • Alternate History: Obviously.
  • Expanded States of America: The USA had bought Baja California and Sonora from Mexico during the Seward Administration, as well as Alaska and British Columbia from Britain. They also offer to annex Nicaragua after William Walker filibusters the country, and the war torn country accepts as they believe American control would finally lead to some peace.
  • Historical Badass Upgrade: Fremont aside, T.E. Lawrence experiences one of these (hard enough given his reputation in real life), becoming in this reality the fascist dictator of a post-World War One-analogue Britain. On the other hand, Abraham Lincoln experiences something of a Historical Badass Downgrade as he becomes never becomes President and instead is Chief Justice of the Supreme Court - although he does live to at least the 1880s.
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  • A Nazi by Any Other Name: The Rexist's of Great Britain are that. Ironically the National Socialist Party of America is a subversion, as with no Nazi Party in that world, the term National Socialist refers more to an actual Socialist Party, with less emphasis on the international aspect. Also funny is how the Progressive Movement that inspired Hitler and the Nazi Party (Eugenics, flag salutation, heavy state control of important industries, etc.) inspired the author to call them the National Socialists (NatSocs for short).
  • Our Presidents Are Different: Fremont is a mixture of President Action and President Personable, while Seward is President Iron, and Curtin might be considered a President Evil if you're black and think that he stole the election.
  • Richard Nixon the Used Car Salesman: Samuel Clemens the Navy hero and eventual President of the United States.
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  • Take a Third Option: The Constitutional Unionists were this at first, but eventually became one half of the two party system after the southern based Democratic Party fall apart. By the 1920s, the National Socialists have become this, as well as the Socialist Labor Party.


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