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Master and Apprentice is a Star Wars Expanded Universe novel by Claudia Gray (Lost Stars, Bloodline and Leia, Princess of Alderaan).

The book is about Obi-Wan Kenobi's apprenticeship with his Master Qui-Gon Jinn, and as such is set prior to The Phantom Menace.

Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi have never exactly got on well as master and apprentice, and their relationship faces a new test when Jinn receives a surprising offer: an invitation to join the Jedi Council. However, before either can properly face the matter, they are sent on a crucial mission, an investigation into terrorist attacks on the planet Pijal in the lead-up the coronation of the planet's new queen, Fanry. Complicating the issue is that the planet's current regent is Rael Averross, a Jedi of unusual tendencies and a dark past who, like Jinn, once trained under Dooku.


The title was released on April 16th, 2019.

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  • Call-Forward: Many of the ancient prophecies mentioned very clearly refer to the events of the prequel and original trilogies, namely the life of Anakin Skywalker, the return of the Sith, and the rise of the Empire.
  • Continuity Snarl: This book adds to a snarl started by Queen's Shadow regarding the ruling dates of Padmé Amidala's predecessors on the throne of Naboo by mentioning that the current monarch of Naboo is a teenage girl. The only way this makes sense is if King Veruna is no longer her immediate predecessor as monarch. More detail can be found here.
  • Distant Epilogue: The epilogue takes place seven years later at Qui-Gon's funeral on Naboo.
  • Dramatic Irony: It's mentioned that Rael Averross, at age 5, was the oldest child the Jedi Order had taken in that Qui-Gon knows of, and he thinks to himself that there's no way the Order will take in anyone that old again, let alone anyone older... little does he know...
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  • Flashback: There are frequent flashbacks throughout the novel to Qui-Gon's apprenticeship under Dooku.
  • Foregone Conclusion: Qui-Gon will not become a member of the Jedi Council, which would result in Obi-Wan having to be transferred to apprentice under another Jedi Master.
  • Mythology Gag: The cover art takes inspiration from the Jedi Apprentice series.
  • The Noun and the Noun: Master and Apprentice.
  • Prequel: The book is set 7 years before The Phantom Menace. The only other canon works set in this time period are the Darth Maul comic and the short story "Recipe for Death".
  • Vagueness Is Coming: Many of the prophecies of the Jedi mystics are of this nature, such as "When the kyber that is not kyber shines forth, the time of prophecy will be at end." Kenobi laments the seeming absurdity of there being a prophecy about prophecy.


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