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The second novel by Mindy Mackay, sequel to Peacebreakers.

After the zombie apocalypse, the new ruling empire of Canada starts piecing itself back together again while protagonist Kiera Graves Wangsts about the death of her lover. Meanwhile, in exurban Montreal, a couple of rebellions take root. Reigning monarch Isabella Sordeno strategizes her way around each of them, ruthlessly manipulating her own underlings in the process by coercing them to perform such acts as Cold-Blooded Torture for the sake of keeping The Empire in power.


Not that any of them have any qualms with this.

Well, except for Kiera.

When Isabella offers Kiera her lover's soul in exchange for murdering a Rebel Leader and inflicting the same pain on a young girl that the Zombie Apocalypse put her through, Kiera's scruples are put to the test...

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